Hostel management project in java using MVC.

Hostel management project in Java: how to develop a web application in Java with JSP, servlet, MySQL, Maven and MVC. There will we some module like food, rooms in the hostel, admin panel, user login etc.

Hello everyone in this article I am going to show you one more java web project with source code. before grabbing this source code you need to know about Maven tool and MVC architecture.

Hostel Management project in Java(Pre-requirement)

Database:    MySQL Workbench

Language : HTML,JSP,servlet,css,js

Server:        Tomcat

Tool:           Maven

IDE:            Spring STS tool or eclipse.

After downloading the java project. you will get a database file and you need to import into your MySql database.

How to import or export database in MySQL Workbench

Hostel Management Project Modules

Students: Login and registration and manage complete profile.

Admin: login and manage all the users or student. Add a new room. allot a room to the student ETC.

ContactUS: Contact Us is a simple form for the inquiry purpose.

Food: Food sample.

Rooms: Room Sample.

 source code


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