java web project (Online Hotel Booking)

                           Online Hotel Booking

Complete java web project(Online Hotel Booking). Java dynamic web application developed in JSP, servlet, HTML, and CSS and for the database, we are going to use Mysql.

Java web project using JSP, servlet, HTML, MySQL, and NetBeans (online hotel booking ). With completely free source code.

Project description :

Java web application development with free source code.

Login and registered users for the application.


Create, Update and delete accountants detail after login.
Can insert new hotel details.
Can search All users and delete and update them.

User :

After login can check profile and history of hotel and room booking.

Search hotel :

Without login, any visitors can search hotel and can go for booking or contact for details.

Learn How to create a dynamic web application using java.

What are the requirements?

Database:    MySQL Workbench

Language : HTML,JSP,servlet

Server:         Glassfish

how to import the database in MySQL Workbench.

Don’t worry, just follow the link . Import MySQL database file.

Now you need complete source code so click the link below. Download Indian.rar

java web project(online hotel booking system)

Watch complete video for better understanding.

How to import and use project using NetBeans

  1. Download the rar file Link
  2. For configuration description read the file Readme.txt inside the rar file.
  3. Open database folder and import database in MySQL Workbench.
  4. Open your IDE tool(netbeans) and import file.

How to configure this (java web application online hotel booking) is your system. Please watch complete video for a better understanding.

java web project using jsp , servlet , netbeans , mysql (Online Hotel Booking)



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