Java Web Project  

Java Web Project  Java web application. Codebun has a great collection for the java based web project with source code. Java project for the College student who belongs to computer science. Final year project for MCA students. The major project for computer science(CS) students. Project for BCA students, minor projects. Below is the list of java web project. When you open the link you will get the complete description of the project. How to build Java web application. How to configure Java web project in your system. Requirements that you need before configure a java web application.

The video tutorial is also available for the demo. And in every separate tutorial, we are going to cover the functionality of the java project and the configuration of the java web application. In the list, you will find projects which are using multiple technologies, tools and IDE like JSP, Servlet, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, Hibernate, Spring, Maven, Tomcat, Glassfish, Eclipse, STS tool, and Netbeans.

The source code is available free you just need to download the complete java web application files and Need to follow the steps and configure at your machine.

Following are the list of java web project.

Blood bank management system project in java.

Online Hotel Booking project in java.

Postal Services Management project in java.

NGO management project in java.

Online voting System project in java.

Online Hostel management project in java.

Hostel management project in java using MVC.

Timetable management project in java.

Photo Competition project in java.

Online Examination System project in java

Online bookstore project in java

Java Web application development tutorial

Java web project description.

All the projects are dedicated to computer science students. There are different types of java project using some advance and core technologies depends on the requirement of the project. Like some Java web application using Html, servlet, MYSQL and JDBC and some java application developed by using Spring and Hibernate frameworks. Some of them are following MVC architecture and Maven tool.

Note: Follow the step to grab the complete project.

  • Open the above link.
  • Read about the pre-requirements.
  • Watch the Demo Video which helps you lot to understand about the project.
  • Watch the configuration video and follow some simple step.
  • Run Java web project at your machine and enjoy:)