Java tutorial || Overriding toString() method in Java.

toString() method in Java. toString() is a method of Object class. an Object is a superclass of every class in Java. toString() method returns the string representation of the object. Sometimes we need to override toString() method. so the question is that why we need to override the toString() method in Java. Let’s try to

Implicit Objects in JSP with example.

Implicit objects in JSP is created by the web container. There are total 9 implicit objects are available in JSP. objects are available for the complete JSP page. Following are the Implicit Objects in JSP. request Implicit Objects in JSP The request object is an instance of the class which is implements java .servlet.http.HttpServletRequest interface. Created by

JSP directives || Include Directive in JSP

Include Directive in JSP Include Directive in JSP is used to display the data of the page to another page. Let’s try to understand this concept by a real-time example. For example, I need to develop a web application using JSP. and there are 20 pages in my application so in every page I need

StringBuffer class in Java.

Java StringBuffer class is a mutable class in java. It means We can change the string when we are going to use StringBuffer class in Java. StringBuffer is same as String class only the difference is it can be modified. Example: public class Main { public static void main(String args) { StringBuffer sb = new

String class in java with interview questions and answers

String class in java and its methods. A string is a class from lang package. Which is public and final class extends Object class and implements Serializable, Comparable<String>, CharSequence interface.  String Class in Java is immutable class. It means once you create an object of String class. It will not be modified read more about immutable String. Some