Campus Placement Management System Project in Java with source code

Campus Placement Management System is built using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL for Database. This is developed to manage the Campus Placement Activity through a portal.

This project is designed to help students in planning their career and it will help the students to apply to the job where they fit in. This Project is performing all the crud operations like ADD//UPDATE/DELETE functions. This project is following the MVC pattern like the business logic is done on the Model side, JSP we have used to manage the view and the Servlet we used to handle the request and response.

Campus Placement Management System Project in java

Campus Placement Management System is a user-friendly application developed to make the college placement cell activity simple. This application will help the placement coordinator as well as the students to coordinate every activity effortlessly.

Here, Admin who will be the placement coordinator just needs to add the Company Info and Jobs. Students can register on this platform and can apply for the Jobs available based on their skills and interest. Here everybody related to the College Placement cell will be benefited from this application.

The following are the major objective of the application.

  • To provide a bug-free Placement management system to the Students as well as Admin.
  • The main objective here is to replace the manual process of registering for campus placement and then apply for each job by waiting in the queue.
  • To maintain a record of Jobs applied by students, so it will be easy to access any time 24*7.

Modules and functionalists of Campus Placement Management System

There are two main users of this application one is the Admin, the admin can be your placement coordinator who coordinates every activity and another user is the Students.

1) Admin

  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE Company.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE Jobs.
  • Admin can VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE Students registered.
  • Admin can VIEW the Jobs applied by Students.
  • Admin can change Password.
  • Admin can VIEW/UPDATE Profile.

2) Students

  • Students can VIEW Companies.
  • Students can VIEW the Jobs by the company.
  • Students can apply for Jobs.
  • Students can VIEW the Jobs applied.
  • Students can change the password.
  • Students can VIEW/UPDATE Profile.

Technologies used in Campus Placement Management System

Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS.

Server-side: Servlet.

Back-end: MYSQL.

Server: Tomcat 8.5.

DFD of Campus Placement Management System

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