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Java database connectivity with MYSQL 8.0

Java database connectivity with the latest version of MYSQL. In this example, we are going to discuss the following points step by step to perform Java database connectivity with MYSQL 8.0 Create a Database in MYSQL. Design a registration form using JSP or HTML. Database connectivity to insert data in the database. In this example, we

How to count number of visitors for website in jsp

To count number of visitors at any page in JSP. We need to use of application Implicit object and methods getAttribute() and setAttribute(). This object is a representation of the JSP page through its complete lifecycle. This object is created when the JSP page is initialized and it will be removed when the JSP page is removed

Implicit Objects in JSP with example.

Implicit objects in JSP is created by the web container. There are total 9 implicit objects are available in JSP. objects are available for the complete JSP page. Following are the Implicit Objects in JSP. request Implicit Objects in JSP The request object is an instance of the class which is implements java .servlet.http.HttpServletRequest interface. Created by

JSP directives || Include Directive in JSP

Include Directive in JSP Include Directive in JSP is used to display the data of the page to another page. Let’s try to understand this concept by a real-time example. For example, I need to develop a web application using JSP. and there are 20 pages in my application so in every page I need

JSP Tutorial || life cycle of JSP page.

The life cycle of JSP page is a process of converting JSP page to a servlet or in other words, you can say web container generates a separate file with ( extension. or you can say the complete execution of a JSP page. Before this have a look at what is JSP. JSP is Java

JSP tutorial || What is JSP || Why we use JSP

JSP tutorial Java server page is technologies for server side programming as well as client site programming. In this JSP tutorial, we will focus on what is JSP and why we use JSP page. and other basic term related to Java server page(JSP). What is JSP? JSP is Java server page. this technology is used to create