eCommerce Projects in Spring Boot

eCommerce has become one of the world’s most popular and demanding industries. every businessman wants to launch an online platform to sell products because it’s easy to manage the data of products, customers, and sales.

Spring Boot, Hibernate, and JPA are popular Java framework, that has also become the best choice for building eCommerce projects due to their efficiency, flexibility, security, and ease of use. In This blog, we will explore some of the best eCommerce projects built using Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, MYSQL, JSP, HTML, CSS, and Bootstraps.

Available E-commerce projects in Spring Boot

Online Laptop Shop

Online Laptop Shop is an e-commerce web application, where users can view laptops as products, user can buy, and perform all the required e-commerce operations like Add to cart, Manage booking history, Payment ETC. At the same time, the admin can manage product bookings and payments. Checkout more details about the Laptop Shop project in spring boot

Online Mobile Shop

The online mobile shop is a web application built using spring boot, JPA, hibernate with HTML, CSS, and bootstrap, where the admin can manage the different types of mobiles as products and sell them on the online web platforms. Check out more details about the mobile shop project in spring boot.

Online Medical Store

The medical store project in spring boot is another web application project that comes with e-commerce functionalities to buy and sell medicine over an online platform. Check out more details about the Online Medical store project in Spring boot and hibernate.

Online food order

Food order management e-commerce web application that is built using spring boot and hibernate, JPA, HTML, CSS, and bootstrap. The main module of the application is to view and order food from a web platform, there are multiple types of users like admin and users who can interact with the application and perform operations as per the requirement. checkout more details about the Online Food Order management project in Spring Boot.

Online book store

A Book store is an online shop to buy books where the admin can add or update the book records, prices, and details about the books, at the same time user can view the book information and buy them also can manage the booking and payment history in their personal account after login and registration check out more details about the online book store project in spring boot.

Medicine donation

Online Medicine Donation is NGO based web application in spring boot that can use to donate medicines, Admin can add and manage the medicine that needs to donate, the Required customer or user can request and the platform have capabilities to manage the order and product records. Check out more details about the Online Medicine donation project in spring boot with the demo.