Grading System Project in java using Spring and Hibernate

Grading System Project in java using Spring and Hibernate is a grading system application for the digitization of student’s results. Admin is the main user of the website who will manage every activity.

This project is developed in Java and the database used here is MYSQL using MVC architecture and maven tool.

This system design benefits teachers, principals, administrators, and students when compared to the current manual system at the school.

Teachers can maintain grades and monitor the performance of each student. Administrators can access teacher, student, course, result, payment, location, and schedule and generate student results from the database without manual entry.

Objective of Grading System in Java

New Grading System is developed to provide a solution for recording each exam, assignment, and project, which is done by college students for their course credits. The application provides online results generation based on the marks entered. The result generated consists of students’ performance in each course and thus he/she can work accordingly to improve his/her performance.


Admin is the main user here who will manage all the activity such as

  • Admin can VIEW/EDIT/UPDATE the teachers’ details.
  • Admin can VIEW/EDIT/UPDATE the students’ details.
  • Admin can VIEW/EDIT/UPDATE the course details
  • Admin can search teachers and students by Name and Email id.
  • Admin can see course to students list.
  • Admin can see course to teachers list.
  • Admin can edit payment details.
  • Admin can see the payment list.
  • Admin can edit schedule details.
  • Admin can see the schedule list.
  • Admin can edit location details.
  • Admin can see the location list.
  • Admin can change view his/her profile and can change his/her password.

Grading System Project in Spring

The Grading System is a quick way to store grades and allow students to quickly access their grades. A detailed project description is a web-based grading system designed to provide admin, teachers, and teacher assistants with an easy, available in section 3 of Vision and Scope Document for CGrading System.

The Student Registration Web Application provides basic functionality to add, list, edit and delete the following records: students, teachers, courses, results, payments, locations, and schedule entries. To accomplish this it makes use of various technologies: eclipse, tomcat, java, JSP, JSTL, spring, spring web-MVC, hibernate, oracle, HTML, and javascript.

Overall this is a very substantial project which helped solidify the understanding of the various technologies used to create it, especially spring and hibernate.


  • Create {/ View / Edit / Delete} and List all students
  • Create {/ View / Edit / Delete} and list all courses
  • Create {/ View / Edit / Delete} grades
  • Notify students about grading by email
  • Display transcript for students
  • Login {/ Logout} to the system

For next release:

The system should be in English and French. We should be able to switch the language

User Classes and Characteristics

Operating Environment

  • The CGS Grading System shall operate with the following Internet browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7, and Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers may have limited or no functionality.
  • The Grading System shall operate on a Tomcat server The most current database Oracle or MySQL versions shall also be installed.
  • The Grading System shall permit user access from an Internet connection at the user’s home.

Design and Implementation Constraints

Level 0,1 DFD Diagram of Grading System project

Level 2 DFD Diagram of Grading System project

The system must be implemented using the Model-View-Controller design pattern.

  • All CSS code shall conform to the CSS3
  • All HTML code shall conform to the HTML 5.0 standard.
  • All system code shall be written in Java, JSP, JavaScript, and HTML.
  •  The system shall use the: Spring, Spring MVC, and Hibernate.

Nonfunctional Requirements

  • The system should not require offline maintenance except when serious errors occur.
  • The system will be reachable from any Internet-enabled location at any time through a Compatible
  • Internet Browser.
  • Invalid input must not cause a system crash.
  • Security Requirements
  • Software Quality Attributes
  • Coding Standards
  • The program must use the Model-View-Controller (MVC) coding standard
  • GUI Standard:
  • Maintainability
  • 100% of the requirements must be tested.

Tools and Technologies

Front-End: Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Js.
Frameworks: Spring boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate.
Technology/Domain: Java
Back-end: MYSQL with workbench or MysqlYog.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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Project in Spring Boot and Hibernate

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