Hotel management project in java with source code project report

Hotel management project in java with source code project report is a web application build in JSP, Servlet using MYSQL as backend as core technology its using core java and MVC architecture and Maven tool for the configuration.

Main functionality of the hotel management system is to search hotel in your area. user can book a hotel. user can maintain history of the records as well. As a admin user can manage all the activity perform by the user end.

Hotel management project in java with source code
Hotel management project in java with source code

Technology used in the Hotel management project in java

Project title: Online Pharmacy Management System

Front-End : Jsp, Html, CSS, JS.

Server-side: Servlet.

Back-end: MYSQL.

Server: Tomcat 8.5

Hotel Management project in java description

There are two main actor of the application 1) user 2) Admin

Admin: AdminĀ  can add the new hotel according to the city or location. Admin can delete the hotel records. Admin can Add/Delete/Edit any user in the application. Admin can manage all the booked records as well.

User: User can perform login and registration operation in the application. User can search hotel by name or according to the city. User can book hotel or room after filling some simple forms. User can manage all the booked history as well.

Hotel Management System project in java is developed for all the platforms. Which will be deployed on the local server called tomcat 8.5. As an Architecture its following complete MVC architecture and maven tool as a build tool. This project is not for the real-time application you can use this for college submission, Minor project for the college student, Major project for the college student.

Contact to download source code and configuration

Skype Id: jcodebun


Price: 800 INR

Note: If you need the source code you can contact. We will provide complete source code with project reports and the team will configure complete project at your machine remotely. We will explain the complete flow of the application with source code.

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Codebun Declaration:

This is the Academic project for the students or learner. This is not a real-time project So all the real-time functionality like payment or mail are using only for the demo it is not real.

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