Java project for final year students of CS, MCA, and BCA

Java project for final-year students of CS, MCA, and BCA. If you are a computer science, MCA, or BCA student and looking for Minor or Major projects in Java for your academics or interview purpose. So below is the list of available Java projects for final-year students.

Java project for final-year students

Java projects for final-year students with source code. It’s your final year and time to showcase the skills that you have learned during the semesters. A  Major project plays an important role in your future and placement. So It’s really important to choose a project in any technology so you can understand the real-time work environment and get an idea about the development.

Here we are providing a Java project to help you in your major project and providing the complete guide to understand the code flow and development standards that are defiantly going to help you during the placements.

The very first step to start your major project is to choose technology. and if you reading this It means you choose Java. So It’s good Java has lots of tools and frameworks that can develop any kind of application. So we are proving java projects for final year students and also providing a guide to develop your final year major project in java.

Let’s check the list of available java projects also if you have any idea. feel free to contact me on the below details so we can develop that for you.

List of Java projects for final year students

As you know java has many technologies and the java team is updating it to make development easy day by day according to the requirement. so below is the list of projects according to the technologies.Java projects using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL

Java projects using JSP, Servlet, and Hibernate

  • Student Management system project in hibernate
  • Hospital Management system project in java using Hibernate.
  • Online book store project in java using hibernate.
  • Online shopping project in java using hibernate.
  • Online grocery shop project in java using hibernate.
  • Hostel Management project in java using hibernate.
  • Online voting system project in java using hibernate.
  • Library management project in java using hibernate.
  • Bank management project in java using hibernate.
  • Employee Management project in java using hibernate.

Java projects using Spring MVC and Hibernate

Project description

All the listed Java projects are using the basic functionalities of a Java web application. Like CRUD operation. Insert data in the database, Retrieve data from the database, Edit, Delete records. Image uploading ETC. It completely depends on the project requirement.

You will find the detailed description in the below links according to the project with a demo video. So I would like to suggest you check the detailed description and functionalities of the project according to your requirements.


You will find projects in different technologies and frameworks like JSP, Servlet, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,  Hibernate, and Sprint MVC. To Manage the backend every project is using a MYSQL database with a workbench. Every project is following MVC architecture, builds on the MAVEN tool, and deploys on the tomcat server. All the java projects using a proper architecture and design pattern followed by the software industry.

Please check the below links to check the detail about the technologies according to the project.

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If you are interested in any project feel free to contact us. we will provide the source code with the project report and the complete guide to help you to develop and learn a web application in java.

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Minor Java Projects for CS, BCA, and MCA students

To create a Minor Java project, you just need to know about the basics of programming like core Java, JDBC, JSP, and Servlet. below is the list of the best minor Java project for CS, BCA, and MCA students that is built by using JSP and servlet, deployed over the tomcat server.

Hospital management system Project in Java

Major Java Projects for final year students

While you doing Major Project in Java, you should go for some advanced frameworks like Spring MVC, Hibernate, or Spring. below is the list of best Major Java project for final year students that is built in Spring boot, Spring MVC and Hibernate with MYSQL and tomcat server following MVC architecture with maven tool.