Katalon Studio Tutorial 3: Web automation using katalon studio

Web automation using katalon studio. Here is a simple example of automating a web application using katalon studio.

So we have three way to write our test cases in katalon studio.

Recording: easiest way to do automation using katalon.

Manual:  way no need for programming knowledge.

Script:  need some basic programming knowledge.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to record and play automation in katalon studio.

Automation using katalon studio record and play a demo

Test scenario:

Katalon team providing already a demo website for practical or you can say learning purpose “http://demoaut.katalon.com.” so we are going to perform our first test case on this katalon demo web. Before start, the katalon just visit that link and try to understand the flow of application. It will we helpful at the time of recording.

The flow of the application is:


Navigate to URL

Book an appointment


Fill the appointment from


Let’s start the automation war with a great weapon “Katalon Studio”

Web automation using katalon studio

Step 1: Launch the Katalon Studio.

Step 2: File > New > Project.

Step 3: Enter Project name and description. Here the description is optional and default location of your project you change it just hit the browse button and set the new project location.

Step 4: create a new Test case.

Step 5: Select the test case under control and hit the record button.

Step 6: Enter url and click on browser icon and select a browser option like katlon studio provides multiple browser option like Chrome, Firefox, IE so you can select one of them and start your recording.

Step 7: now just perform an activity on browser all action will be recorded by katalon studio this is the beauty of Katalon studio.

When you have done with your recording simple stop it and store all the object.

Step 8: final step now time to run your script. There I also katalon providing multiple browser options to run over test script even there is an option for custom browser also.

So select one of them and run your script.

Just click on run button and watch the automation show by Katalon studio.

There are lots of things which will help you to make easy your automation task.

We will discuss all the things one by one in upcoming tutorials.

Note by Codebun: If you have some confusion please watch the video tutorial for the same. I sure it will be really helpful to you or you comment me.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLNPi-ByLMIQjZh8C4xJBZfqvNcdyTorkA&v=olAEjQizpCE[/embedyt]


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