library management system project in java with source code

library management system project in java with source code is an Internet-based Java application that automates the working of a library or books center that manages and maintains records of the books in the book library. 

Library management system project in java

The librarian which holds the various activities like add new books, View all the books, Add a new student in the system manage the book records ETC.

The objective of the library management system is designing an online library where easy to manage books and the records of books like the issued book and the student records.

Library management system project in java Description

The system will do the following:


Libertarian can Add/edit/update the record of students.

Libertarian can Add/edit/update the record of Books.

Libertarian can Search Books.

Libertarian can Search Students.

Libertarian can Issue Book and library card.


A student can register in the system

A student can view his profile(Edit/Update).

A student can check the history of issuing books.

Technologies and Platform:

 Employee Management System software shall be designed and developed on Open Platform i.e. J2EE. MYSQL will be used to maintain the database. To achieve a high degree of modularity, scalability, and maintainability, it is recommended to adopt n- tier architecture while designing the Employee Management System. Accordingly, it is proposed that the entire application development logic, database logic, and presentation logic shall be segregated. It is proposed that EMS software package shall be running on Apache Tomcat Web Server. The Web Server will be responsible for rendering the JSP pages and the result is shown back to the end-user.

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