Medical Store Management Project in Spring boot and ReactJS

The Online Medical Store Management project is a web application developed to manage the medical store operation online. It uses a variety of technologies and tools, including Spring Boot, JPA, MySQL, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JWT authentication, RestAPI, and Postman. This system aims to provide an efficient and user-friendly platform for managing medical store inventory, sales, and customer interactions.

Module of the application

User Authentication:

JWT (JSON Web Token) authentication ensures secure access to the application. Users can register, log in, and maintain their profiles.

Medicine Management:

Admin users can add/Edit/Delete and update the medicines with simple parameters like medicine name, company name, and available quantity in the stock.

Order Management:

  • Customers can log in, find the medicines, and order the required medicines.
  • Customers also can view the history of orders and transactions.

Customer Management:

Store and manage customer information, including contact details and purchase history. Provide a personalized shopping experience based on customer profiles.

User Interface:

Develop a user-friendly and responsive web interface using ReactJS, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.
Ensure the application is accessible on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Create a RESTful API using Spring Boot to interact with the backend database.
Expose endpoints for various functionalities, such as product management, order processing, and user operations.

Database Integration:

Utilize MySQL as the backend database to store product information, customer data, and order records.
Use JPA (Java Persistence API) for database operations and ORM (Object-Relational Mapping).


  • Users register and log in to the system with their credentials using JWT authentication in the backend.
  • Admins or staff can manage the inventory by adding, updating, or deleting products.
  • Customers can browse products, add them to the cart, and place orders.
  • Orders are processed, and invoices and receipts are generated.
  • Customers can view their order history and manage their profiles.

Project Demo

Technologies Used:

  • Spring Boot: For rapid development of the application with minimal configuration.
  • Hibernate and JPA: For object-relational mapping (ORM) and database interactions.
  • Spring MVC: To implement the Model-View-Controller architecture.
  • ReactJS: to handle the front end.
  • MySQL: As the relational database to store and manage data.
  • HTML: To define the frontend elements.
  • Bootstrap and CSS: For Styling.
  • JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for authentication
  • RestAPI and Postman

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