Online Barber shop Project in Java with source code and project report

Barber shop is Java web application, where user can book the appointments for the Barber services also user can buy the saloon related product from the application also the shop owner can manage the customer and products. Let’s explore more about the technology stack, feature and functionality of the application in detail.

Online Barber shop in java using JSP, Servlet, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and MYSQL to develop the application. Its using maven to manage the jar and dependencies. Application is deployed on the tomcat server.

Online Barber shop Project in Java

A customer can view the application by using web browsers and book the appointment for the hair cut, and for any other saloon grooming services. Customer can check the services list also he/she can check the available works and masters who is working in the saloon. Also, other side customer can check the listed product that is related to the saloon only. they can make an order for it.  and the shop owner or admin of the application can manage the complete order inventory and also can manage the customers data.

Modules and Functionalities of Barber shop project

There are two main actor of the application, 1) Admin, 2) Customer (admin can be a shop owner).


  • There will be a login form for the admin.
  • Admin can manage the customer.
  • Admin can Add, edit, delete or update the customer’s data.
  • Admin can check the appointments.
  • Admin can update the appointments.
  • Admin can add, Edit, Delete the available products in the shop.
  • Admin can add, edit, delete the staff members.


  • There will a login and registration form for the customer.
  • Customer can view and book the appointments.
  • Customer can view the available products.
  • Customer can order the product.

Tools and Technologies

Technology/Domain: Java
Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS, Bootstrap.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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