Online Examination system project in java using JSP, servlet, MySQL with source code

Online Examination System project in java. It’s a java web application to perform the online examination. Complete the java project with source code and with the database.

If you are looking for a java Project as a minor or major college project. Here is the complete online examination project in java with source code.

Online examination system project description

A complete Java web application. Which is implemented to perform the online examination for the student. Where an admin can add questions and Types of examination depends on the category. As a user students can view those exams.

The user can submit after finishing the exam and get results.

Project Modules:

Login and Registration: To access the exam user must be registered in the application. Once the user will register in the examination system project he will be able to view all exams. The user can choose an exam and start the test.


Admin can add the exam type. Questions in existing exams and admin can modify the complete database By adding users, deleting the user, Adding new exams, Adding question answers, and so on.


The user can view all the tests (Exams). The user can check the result history.

Online Examination System project in Java 

Note: Watch the complete video before downloading It will help you to understand the complete functionality.

Harware and Software Requirments 

Database: MySQL Workbench
Language: HTML,JSP,servlet,CSS,js
Server: Tomcat 8.5
Tool: Maven
IDE: Spring STS tool or eclipse.

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