Online Book Store project in java

Online Book Store  java web application Online bookstore using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL. Complete java web project with source code and documentation. A mini and major project for college students(Online bookstore in java). It is a dynamic website using the core technologies of Java web programming like JSP and servlet. Here is an example of a simple java web

How to count number of visitors for website in jsp

To count number of visitors at any page in JSP. We need to use of application Implicit object and methods getAttribute() and setAttribute(). This object is a representation of the JSP page through its complete lifecycle. This object is created when the JSP page is initialized and it will be removed when the JSP page is removed

Write a java program to manipulate ArrayLists

Write a program that performs the following actions: Read 2n integers as input. Create two arraylists to store n elements in each arraylist. Write a function generateOddEvenList which accepts this two arraylist as input. The function fetch the odd index elements from first array list and even index elements from second array list and add them to