Project in Spring and Hibernate with source code

Project in Spring and Hibernate With Source code. If you are looking for Java web application using Spring and hibernate so below is the list of all the available Java projects in Spring and hibernate.

All the available Projects in Spring and Hibernate projects are web applications running on the Tomcat server and Following MVC architecture, Maven tool, and all the industry standards as shown in the video demo.

Might be you ever hear about the lots of java technologies like Spring MVC, Spring BOOT, Hibernate, MYSQL, etc. So let’s discuss in brief the technologies and diagrams.

Spring MVC

Spring MVC is used for creating Web applications just like the way we create with any other technology. It helps us to create Web applications in a more simple and effective way. Spring MVC as the name suggests follows the MODEL-View-Controller pattern.

As we know, by MVC we understand that the Model is for business logic, View is used for showing the web page to the user, and the controller is used for handling the request in the same way Spring MVC works but it includes more layers here.

When the client sends the request for the page the request goes to the controller in MVC but in Spring MVC the request first goes to a Front Controller which is a dispatcher servlet class then this dispatcher servlet will call the respective controller using the annotation mapping (@Controller).

  • First Client send the request
  • The request is sent to Front Controller which is a dispatcher servlet.
  • Dispatcher Servlet/Front Controller passes the request to the respective controller using annotations.
  • The controller handles the request and passes the Model and View to the dispatcher servlet.
  • Dispatcher Servlet now views the name of view using view Resolver.
  • At last, View renders the Model and Shows it.

Spring Boot

While building a web application we have to configure certain things so the Spring Boot helps to configure the setup and run faster. It acts as a utility for setting up an application for building web applications. Spring Boot is built on Spring Framework which is used for creating web applications with minimal configuration.

As we know, when we want to run any application we need to have a Tomcat server or any other server. So, in Spring Boot also provides the Embedded Server inside the JAR file. It provides a combination of Spring Framework functionality with Embedded Servers.

Difference between Spring Boot and Spring MVC

Spring MVC Spring Boot
Spring MVC is a framework that follows the Model-View-Controller design pattern. Spring Boot is created to avoid the XML configuration and get started quickly with the java application.
The developer has to configure manually The configuration is automatic in Spring Boot
It takes more time It reduces development time
The deployment descriptor is required Deployment Descriptor is not required
Does not come with Embedded servers It comes with Embedded Servers.
It is used for creating web applications If you want a production-ready environment so then use Spring Boot.

Project in Spring and Hibernate

If I talk about the functionalities there all spring projects are following all the basic crud operations like Add, Edit, Delete, and Update Data. Every project individually based on some management system. Like the Hospital Management System, Student Management, or Employee Management ETC.

Below is the list of available Spring and Hibernate projects. Once you click on a specific project link you will get the complete description of the project with the functionality demo.

Student Management System Project in Spring

Library Management System project In Spring

Hospital Management project in Spring

Employee Management project in Spring MVC

E-commerce Project in spring MVC

Online Fashion Store Project in spring MVC

Online mobile store Project in Spring MVC

Online Movie Ticket booking Project in Spring

Airline ticket booking project in Spring boot

Bank management system project in Spring 

Online Job portal in Spring and hibernate

Grading System Project in java using Spring and Hibernate

Online Examination Project in spring MVC

Online food Delivery Project in Spring Boot and Hibernate

E-Learning Project in Spring Boot and Hibernate

Attendance Marking Project in Spring Boot and Hibernate

Diagnostic Medical Center Project in Spring boot

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