Project Management System in java with source code and project report

Project Management System in java using JSP, servlet, MYSQL, and eclipse. The project management system in java is a web application that following MVC architecture, maven tool, and using tomcat server to deploy and run the application.

It can be your minor or major project or student can use it for learning purposes because of its following all the software industry standards that used to develop a real-time web application in java.

Project Management System in Java

Project Management System is used to manage the work or in simple words, we can say It will help to manage the work. Let’s understand the whole scenario with an example.


Any Software organization must need to internal software to manage and track the work. A complete project or application development process will face many stages.

  • Client or stack holder share requirements.
  • The business developer will share the proposal with the client.
  • The developer starts the work on the requirement.
  • QA performs testing and BD delivers the product to the client.

to overcome this problem, the Project management system application will come to track all the activities. It’s a centralized tool that contents all the records and manages the data sources.

Project modules and functionalities

The project management system application is a multi-actor application. So every using going to operate application according to the requirement. Let’s have look at some functionalities according to the user or major actor of the application.


Admin will be the root user of the application. admin can track the activity of the application as well as manage all the resources or other users.

  • Add/Edit/Delete the users.
  • Add/Edit/Delete the projects.
  • Admin can change the role and the responsibility of any resource it depends on the requirement.

Business developer

  • BD Can create a new project in the system.
  • BD can set deadlines for the work.
  • BD can share the client requirements in detail.

Project Manager/Developer

  • Project Manager can track the developer activity. Day to day work status and Timesheet Etc.
  • Developers can fill the timesheet according to the day to day work.

These are the initial requirement of the application it can be changed according to the requirement. Let’s see the technologies and software that are used to build this web application.

Tools and Technologies

Front-End : JSP, Html, CSS, JS.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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Plan and Services

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