Restaurants management Project in java with source code and project report

Restaurant Management Project is built using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL. Restaurant Management Project in java is a web application for Managing the restaurant and orders. It is built to automate the activity of restaurants.

This Project is performing all the crud operations like EDIT/UPDATE/DELETE functions. Following the MVC architecture to manage the view part in JSP and handling the Server-side request, it’s using servlet and MYSQL as backend.

Restaurant Management Project in java

Restaurant Management Project in java is a web application that is developed to automate the activity of restaurants. This application is used by admin and staff both as well for managing Stores, product and for creating order and for Paying bills. There is no need to maintain the record manually.

Online Restaurant Management System

The following are the major objective of the application.

  • To provide a bug-free Portal to the Admin as well as staff.
  • To allow Admin to add products, Table, Stores, Categories, View paid Bill.
  • To allow staff to view Tables and product Information
  • To allow staff to create orders.
  • Maintain the record of Product, Store, Categories, and etc. so that it will be easy to access any time 24*7.

Modules and functionalists of Restaurant Management Project

Restaurants management Project in j...
Restaurants management Project in java

There are two types of actors in the application one is ADMIN who can manage all the restaurant-related day to day activities, and the other one will be the Staff who can view the Information added from the admin side and can take order to generate the invoice. Let’s see all the details step by step.


  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/DELETE/UPDATE Store Information.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/DELETE/UPDATE Table Information.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/DELETE/UPDATE Categories Information.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/DELETE/UPDATE Product Information.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/DELETE/UPDATE Company Information.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/DELETE/UPDATE Staff Information.
  • Admin can VIEW/UPDATE its own Information.
  • Admin can VIEW Total products, total User, total Stores.
  • Admin can VIEW the Bill Paid status.


  • Staff can VIEW the products information.
  • Staff can VIEW the table information.
  • Staff can ADD the orders.
  • Staff can generate the invoice.

Technologies used in the Restaurant Management Project

Front-End : Jsp, Html, CSS, JS.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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