Student management system project in java with source code

Student Management System Project in Java using JSP, Servlet and MYSQL with source code and project report. If you are looking for a Java project for College minor or major project or for the Java interview. Student management can be great choice as its following all the industry standards.

Student Management project in java with source code

Student Management is a web-based application to manage the record of students in the university, college, School, or any institute. let’s understand project functionality and user role in more detail.

The objective of the “Student Management System” is to design a online platform system for an education center.  There will be three main actors of the application.

  • Admin
  • Student
  • Faculty

Read the complete project requirement and watch the video to understand the project in a better way.

Student Management project description

Admin can manage student records, the Attendance record of the students, Fees record of the student, Subject details ETC. Admin can add new records as well as can view the details of all the records.

  • Admin can Add/update/delete/View students.
  • Admin can Add/update/delete/View Attendance  of the students.
  • Admin can Add/update/delete/View Fees of the students.
  • Admin can Add/update/delete/View Subject of the students.

Faculty can add attendance, Subject, and mark sheet, as well as faculty, can view the record for the same.

  • Faculty can Add/update/delete/View Attendance  of the students.
  • Faculty can Add/update/delete/View Subject of the students.
  • Faculty can Add/update/delete/View Mark Sheet of the students.

 A student can view the mark sheet can check the attendance details fees details and subject details.

  • A student can view attendance.
  • A student can view the mark sheet.
  • A student can view fees.

Modules in Student Management System


Courses and subject is the main module of the Student Management System. that will help to manage the records of subject and classes for faculty and students.


Students are the end user of the application. under the admin user section we can manage the records of end user of application like students, faculties.


Under the fees section, Admin and Student will the key user. where student can check the fee status also admin can view the fee detail of all the students that is recorded into the system.


Attendance  module is used to track the record of present and absent of all the students that will be accessible for faculty, student and admin.

Tools and Technology 

Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

Student Management System web application is developed for all the platforms. Which will be deployed on the local server called tomcat 8.5. As an Architecture its following complete MVC architecture and maven tool as a build tool.

This project is not for the real-time application you can use this for college submission, Minor project for the college student, Major project for the college student.

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