Student management system project in php and mysql with source code

Student management system project in PHP and MySQL with source code and project report. In this article, I will discuss the new PHP and MYSQL project let’s discuss all key point about the application in detail.

Student management system project in PHP

A web-based application running on the tomcat server(localhost) and using Mysql to manage the back end. It can be run on the XAMPP server with some easy installation steps.


Core features of the application

The application will help you to maintain the records of students and faculty of an education center or any coaching institute. Let’s deep dive into the individual role of every actor in the application.

Admin can manage student records, the Attendance record of the students, Fees record of the student, Subject details ETC. Admin can add new records as well as can view the details of all the records.

Faculty can add attendance, Subject, and mark sheet, as well as faculty, can view the record for the same.

Students can view the mark sheet can check the attendance details fee details and subject details.

Project report for student management system project in PHP

The project report contains all the DFD diagrams according to the work roll of every actor of the application. ER diagram to describe the backend database and the relation between the tables and a Flow chart diagram to understand the flow of the application.

Project DEMO

Project Name: Student Management system


Contact to download source code and configuration

Skype Id: jcodebun
Price: 1500 INR

Note: If you need the source code you can contact at Our team will provide complete configuration support at your machine and will help you to understand the source code and the configuration steps.

This is a Minor/Major project for college-level students. you can’t use this for commercial purposes. It will be helpful if you want to see the real-time development of a web-based application in PHP.