Student Management System Project in Spring

Another Java project using Spring and Hibernate. Student Management System project in Spring MVC is a web application. Let’s understand the core key and features of the application in detail.

Student Management System project in spring with source code and project report. The application is developed by using Spring MVC and Hibernate to manage the backend. Its following MVC architecture to manage the resources and deployed on tomcat server.

Student Management System Project in Spring

The main objective of the Student Management System provides an online platform to manage the students of a college and coaching institutes. Let’s understand all the functionalities in detail.

There are three main actors of the application 1) Admin, 2) Students 3) Faculty 

Admin has all the control of the application to manage the Students, Faculty, and other modules of the application like Attendance, Examination, Leaves, Fees ETC.

Users(Student, Faculty, Admin):
There will be 3 main users of the application which is managed by the admin only. Admin can perform ADD/DELETE/EDIT operations for other users.

Faculty can add the attendance for the students that are managed by admin and students can view the marked attendance.

Admin can manage the fees of the students. Also, the student can view the updated records for the fees.

Subjects and assignment:
Faculty and Admin can new subjects and assignments according to the subject that is view by the students.

Mark sheet:
Student can view their mark sheet just need to enter the roll number. Admin and faculty can Add/Update/Delete all the details about the mark sheet.

Tool and Technologies

Front-End : Jsp, Html, CSS, JS.
Server-side: Spring MVC.
Back-end: MYSQL, Hibernate.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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