Codebun providing software development and maintenance services in Java, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, or many more other technologies. There are some terms and conditions to keep the work and process on track and quality results.

Plan and Services

Codebun have multiple plan and services as per the client or customer requirements because we are providing the on-demand software development and training programs here are the details of one of them Jsp and Servlet Projects 

Payment and Refund Policy

Prepaid: If you are going to buy any existing project then you have to prepay.

If you are buying a project or service with remote support, then Only the Codebun team will be responsible to run it at your end or machine. Once the code is delivered to the client, the amount is not refundable.

Code and Deliverables

After delivering the source code. if the user does any kind of changes and the code goes failed then Codebun will not be responsible and the user had to pay a price to fix the issues. The price depends on the time taken to fix the issues. It may be hourly(1000 INR) or fixed

Note: All the projects or software are the property of Codebun Clients and/or customers are not allowed to resale any of the projects.

Configuration and Support

– Client’s have to connect with good internet connection and must require good processing machine. In case of slow processing or light internet connect we will not able to connect and take access remotely.

For the existing project,  Customer will get the configuration and remote support only if they buy the services for it. Also as per the existing plan, there will be only a one-time configuration at one machine only.

For custom development,  Customer will get a one-time configuration at one machine only with the estimation. If the client wants configuration at multiple machines then extra charges(1000inr) will be applied for each machine.

File and Access

As per the services, customers will get access to some resources(Project file, Reports, Database, Environment Software). Customers can download them only once and can contain a copy(Backup) in the local machine. In case of lost resources. you have to buy the service again.


In the case of custom development, After Complete Project delivery. will give support for the next 1 week after that maintenance will be paid.