Timetable management project in java || Java web project

Timetable management project in java with complete source code. The timetable management system is a project which is developed to provide support to students in a college or an institute. how to develop a web application in Java with JSP, servlet, MySQL, Maven, and MVC.

Hello everyone in this article I am going to show you one more java web project(Timetable management system) with source code. before grabbing this source code you need to know about the Maven tool and MVC architecture.

Timetable management project in java(Project description)

Project Modules:

TimeTable: Admin can add a new timetable or view the existing timetable.

Subject: Admin can add the new subject or view the complete list of the subject.

Faculty: Admin can add the new faculty or view the complete list of the faculty.

Login and Registration and some common page like ContactUS, AboutUs, Home, etc.

Timetable management project in java DEMO

Configuration requirements for Timetable management project in java.

Database: MySQL Workbench
Language : HTML,JSP,servlet,css,js
Server: Tomcat
Tool: Maven
IDE: Spring STS tool or eclipse.

How to import Database in MySQL workbench.

Java web application development tutorial

Contact to download the source code and configuration

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Step by Step Tutorial to configure Java project

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