Bug Reporting Project using Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA and Mysql

Online Bug Reporting project in Java using frameworks like Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, MySql, JSP, JSTL, Maven, and MVC with source code and project report.

Project Overview

The “Bug Reporting System” is an innovative web-based platform designed to revolutionize the way software development teams handle bug identification, tracking, and resolution.

This system aims to replace traditional, often fragmented, bug-tracking methods with a streamlined, centralized solution that enhances efficiency, communication, and overall project management.

By integrating advanced functionalities into a user-friendly interface, the Bug Tracking System addresses the critical need for effective bug management in software development processes.

The platform allows users to report bugs in detail, including descriptions, steps to reproduce, and any relevant attachments. These detailed reports ensure that developers have all the necessary information to understand and address the issue effectively.

Once a bug is reported, it can be assigned to specific team members responsible for resolving it. This assignment process is facilitated by the system’s ability to prioritize bugs based on their severity and impact on the project, ensuring that the most critical issues are addressed first.

User roles and functionality

There are multiple modules in this application. Let us see the functionality of each of them.

1) Admin

  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE Bug details.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE Bug-type.
  • It can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE the status of bugs.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE projects.
  • It can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE new users in the company.

2) Manager

  • Managers can VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE their project bugs.
  • Managers can VIEW their projects.
  • It can VIEW all the users.
  • Managers can ADD the bugs also.

3) Developer

  • Developers can VIEW all the bug reports.
  • Developers can ADD/UPDATE/DELETE bugs.

4) Tester

  • Testers can raise new bugs in assigned projects.
  • Testers can VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE bugs.

Project Demo

Technologies Used:

  • Spring Boot: For rapid development of the application with minimal configuration.
  • Hibernate: For object-relational mapping (ORM) and database interactions.
  • Spring MVC: To implement the Model-View-Controller architecture.
  • JSP and JSTL: As the template engine for server-side rendering.
  • MySQL: As the relational database to store and manage data.
  • HTML: To define the frontend elements.
  • Bootstrap and CSS: For Styling.

Contact to get the Source Code

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Note: If you need the source code you can contact us. We will provide complete source code and all the required things like Database and project reports with all the diagrams. Also, we have created a STEP-by-STEP configuration tutorial to help you in the configuration process.

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