Bug Tracking System Project in Java using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL

Bug Tracking System Project in Java using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL. Bug Tracking Project is a major project in Java using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL with project report and source code.

This is a web application develop in Java to track bugs that occur during project development. It will help the developer to know which bugs arise in the development phase. In this application, we have a total of four roles such as Admin, Developer, Manager, and Tester. Each one of them has its own functionalities.

This Project has all the necessary functionality from adding, deleting bugs information from the system. It is developed to support all roles, i.e admin, developers, manager, and testers.

This project follows MVC architecture (MVC i.e Model, View, and Controller). At the view layer, we are using JSPs, while business logic is done on the model side, and at last, the controller is used to handle request and response objects. Along with this, we have used the JDBC at the data access layer.

Bug Tracking System Project in Java

In Sofware Project Development, tracking bugs is an essential part. It will help every single person involve in project development. If any issue arises, then the tester will add the bug detail, and immediately developer can view it and resolve it.

Therefore, we on Codebun have develop Bug Tracking System Project in Java to allow the flow of software development to go smoothly within an organization. Here, there are multiple users in this application. One is the admin who can view bugs reports, project details, user details and etc.

Another user is the Manager who can also view bug details, their project, add bugs, and etc. A developer is one more user who can add bugs, and view bugs. The last user is a tester who will also add bugs, generate bug reports.

The following are the major objective of this application:

  1. To provide a bug-free application to the admin, developer, manager, and testers.
  2. The main objective is to build a secured, robust Bug Tracking System Project where the information of bugs is managed properly.
  3. It maintains the record of bugs efficiently so that it would be easy to access at any time 24*7.

Modules and Functionalities in Bug Tracking System Project

There are multiple modules in this application. Let us see the functionality of each of them.

1) Admin

  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE Bug details.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE Bug-type.
  • It can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE the status of bugs.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE departments.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE projects.
  • It can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE new users in the company.

2) Manager

  • Managers can VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE their own project bugs.
  • Managers can VIEW their own projects.
  • It can VIEW all the users.
  • Managers can ADD the bugs also.

3) Developer

  • Developers can VIEW all the bugs reports.
  • Developers can ADD/UPDATE/DELETE bugs.

4) Tester

  • Testers can raise bug reports.
  • Testers can VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE bugs.

NOTE: The profile section, log-in, and change password features are also present in the system.

Tools and Technologies

Technology/Domain: Java
Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS, Bootstrap.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

Contact to get Source code

Skype Id: jcodebun
Email: jcodebun@gmail.com

Note: If you need the source code you can contact Us. We will provide complete source code and all the required things like Database and project reports with all the diagrams. Also, we have created a STEP by STEP configuration tutorial to help you in the configuration process.

If you find any kind of difficulties during the configuration, we will provide a complete project configuration guide remotely using any Desk or Zoom.