Case Study of an Automation Project 

How to Write a case study of an automation project. Software automation case study of a payroll management system project. Below is an example of the automation project on the payroll management system project. Project is using BDD Automation using spec flow and NUnit

Case Study of an automation project

Project Overview

  • Payroll Management is an application that helps your company manage work in your organization.
  • As an employee, user login to the Employee portal and can always view your schedule, calendar, and message board. user record the time you work and submit a timesheet. In addition, the user can set email notifications.
  • As a Manager, you log in to the Manager portal with full ability to add, edit, or delete data of Employee. While each organization decides which other features your organization will use.

Project Features and functionality

There are 4 different portals in the application which operate together to manage schedulers. A brief description is illustrated below

Enterprise Portal- The Enterprise portal drives Payroll, and your organization can decide how to use its features and functions at its best to fulfill your employee management and scheduling needs. It is used to add and maintain the data of the organization and define user access and privileges. Enter all organization locations, employees, stations, users, and roles into the Enterprise portal. Manage multiple physical locations, stations, and employees from one portal.

Location Portal- It describes where the employee is assigned for a particular shift. It is used to create templates, shifts, and schedules by enforcing all employees. You can allow employees to swap and split the shifts and Schedule work into stations and assign employees to these stations.

Employee Portal- It gives employees access to view their information. They can always view their own schedule, available requests, calendar, and messages, and can set email notifications. The Manager can also choose other optional features for employee access: allow employees to assign themselves in available shifts, swap/split, view coworker information, enter availability, and view a full location schedule.

Work Time Portal- Work and time is an external URL for employee login to clock On/Off the time for making entries in Timesheet. The time section helps you to manage your timekeeping. Use the time clock to clock on before beginning the shift and clock off at the end of shift. Employees can create Timecard to add the time worked on the whole day. You can view the time entries at a particular location and station.

Implementation and Challenges:

The automation framework designed a behavior-driven development(BDD) framework which is following the Page object model with page factory concepts. The motive behind this is to make use of every variable or element that could be reused across the framework to provide better optimization, reliability, and code usability.

The biggest challenge while implementation was automating the dynamic dropdowns and retrieving the data from the list which are build using the Kendo- UI framework of JavaScript.

Solution :

Our first step was to understand the application, workflow of the main functionalities to create an Automation Framework with the best optimization. An effective framework that can manage the test cases of a particular module. We created the framework which has an easy-to-use interface and highly informative report generated at the end of test execution. Thus it can be easily understood by those who do not have an understanding of the Automation tool to view the report with status. Following features are including in framework to provide better quality:

  •  Ease of readability of test cases which are written in Gherkin language
  •  Ease of executing test cases as a batch based on the category.
  •  Ease of reading the N number of data from excel.
  • Generating the HTML report through Jenkins on a daily basis.
  • Ease of uploading the code on GIT.

For handling the dynamic elements we’ve used JavaScript code that successfully worked in our code to automate these elements.

Positive Outcome:

The Automation effort has covered the complex areas of application that need to check daily and require the manual intervention of a person. Bugs can be easily found after any change in the application thus, getting the quality work with the report.