How to intrigrate lombok into eclispe or STS

In this blog will see how to integrate Lombok into Eclipse or STS. Lombok plugin has many supports that allow using annotations like @Getter and @Setter. If you are working with a java project and using getters and setters annotation then you have to install the Lombok plugin in your ide. read more about the Lombok annotation. Here, I am going to focus only on the integration of Lombok.

Following are the step that needs to follow to add the Lombok plugin into eclipse.

  1. Go to Help
  2. Click to “Install new software”.
  3. Enter the URL “” for “work with”
  4. Hit enter and wait let it calculate the requirements.
  5. Accept the term and conditions.
  6. Accept all the required trust certificates.
  7. At the final click to Finish button.
  8. Restart the eclipse.