Human Resource Management Project in Java with source code and project report

Human Resource Management Project in Java using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL. HR Management Minor or Major project in Java Using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL with source code and project report.

This is a web application developed to manage human resource activity through an online medium. This application is develop to support multiuser. One is the Admin and another user is the employee. Admin will manage employees, projects, employees appraisal, and so on. An employee is another user who will be able to see its salary details.

This Project has all the necessary functionality of HR-related activity. It is developed to support all roles, whether it is admin or employees.

The whole project is design using the MVC pattern (MVC i.e Model, View, and Controller). The business logic is done on the Model side, We have used JSP to manage the frontend, and to handle the request and response we have used a Controller i.e Servlet.

Human Resource Management Project in Java

Human Resource Management is an important part of an organization. It will not only help the company to manage its employee salary, project details but also will help to keep the transparency between employees. Like for example, if an employee wants to check its project assigned, they can directly view the Human Resource System.

Therefore, we on Codebun have developed a Human Resource Management Project in Java to provide employees a portal to manage all its activity. Here, it is built to support multi-user. Admin is the main user of this application who will assign projects, assign appraisals to employees. And another user is the employee of the company who will view these details.

The following are the major objective of this application:

  1. To provide a bug-free application to the admin and employees.
  2. The main objective is to build a secured, robust Human Resource Management Project where the information of employees is managed properly.
  3. It maintains the record of employees, employees salary detail efficiently so that it would be easy to access at any time 24*7.

Modules and Functionalities of Human Resource Management Project

There are two roles in this application i.e Admin and employees. Let us see the functionality of each

1) Admin

  • Admin can VIEW/ADD/UPDATE/DELETE employee details.
  • Admin can VIEW/ADD/UPDATE/DELETE the salary of the employee.
  • It can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE employee technical skills.
  • Admin can assign projects to a particular employee.
  • Admin can VIEW timesheet filled by an employee.
  • It can VIEW/ACCEPT/REJECT leave applications from employees.

2) Customer

  • Customers can VIEW salary of their own.
  • Customers can VIEW the project assigned.
  • It can fill the timesheet.
  • Customers can APPLY for leave.

NOTE: The profile section, log-in, and change password features are also present in the system.

Tools and Technologies

Technology/Domain: Java
Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS, Bootstrap.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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