java web project using jsp, servelt, html, mysql and netbeans (online voting System)

Online voting system project in java. A Major and minor project for college students. The online voting system is a web-based application in java. Get the Online voting system project in java and check the project in Java with the source code.

In this article, you will a demo of the Online voting system project in Java and the complete process to download the Java project with source and project report. More available projects in Java with source code.

In this tutorial, I am going to provide you complete java web application called online voting System. Source code for the java web project online voting system. you can download it easily and configure this web application on your machine.

The key functionality of the online voting system project in Java.

  • It’s a web-based application developed on Java using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL.
  • The core functionality of the application is to perform voting between 2 or more two parties.
  • Users can vote according to their interest in their respective candidates.
  • Admin can check the result and announce the result at the end of the election.

Let’s check out the below video to understand the functionality in detail.

Technology, Software, and hardware requirements 

  • The online voting system project is built in java using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL as the backend.
  • It’s using the Tomcat server to deploy the application.
  • We can import the code in Eclipse, STS.

Database:    MySQL Workbench
Language:  Java, HTML, JSP, servlet
Server:         Tomcat

When you download the project. you will get a database file and you need to import it into your MySql database. Worry about how to import the database in MySQL Workbench.

Contact to get the source code

Please contact me by Skype and Mail below are the contact details to get the source code. Codebun Team will be happy to help you with the project configuration.

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WhatsApp: +91 8827363777
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Get the upgraded version of the online voting system project

Online voting System project in java with source code and project report

How to import or export databases in MySQL please watch this video and follow the instructions.

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