Online Fashion Store in spring MVC with Source Code

Online Fashion Store Project in spring MVC with source code. It is a web application design to automate Online Fashion Store services.

This project is made in Spring MVC based on a subject on Online Fashion and Accessories Stores. This project is used to develop a product selling website. It is a new trend to Sell/Buy products Online.

This project is best for Computer Science Students. They can see both the use of backend as well as frontend usage. Let’s discuss a bit of the tool and technology used in this project and then gradually we will go through the features and functionalities of the system.

Online Fashion Store project in Spring

This project covers all the parts of online shopping. There is likewise an admin panel through which we can manage the entire site like adding, updating, removing categories, items, and so on. Viewing orders placed by customers on the site.

If you download this Online Shopping project, you can see a collection of items and different categories including fashion wear. Customers can see complete closet collection from online shopping.

Function model of Online Shopping Store

Here we will discuss the all functions and how to manage it and allow admin and customers to sell and buy through it. When the customer enters the main page of our site, he will see on the right side Page Log in form. If he has registered he can log in to his account and can manage his website. But if he has not registered before, he must register first to be allowed to buy and sell through our web site.

Let’s check the project description with the role of different admin and customer.


The activities performed by the admin are:

  • Home: On clicking on the home button the admin will be redirected to the home page where he can go through all the categories of the Online Shopping Website.
  • Add Category: Admin can add categories of his choice, like men, women, children, footwear, and so on where he needs to mention the name of the category, suitable image, and a small description. The new category added will also be added to the backend.
  • Category List: Admin can go through all the categories present in the Online Shopping Website and he can delete or edit categories of his choice.
  • Add Product: Admin can similarly add products to specific categories, where he needs to mention the category name and add the description of the product. He can find the added product in the respective category and the added product will also be present in the backend.
  • Product List: All the products present can be found under the product list. Admin can likewise edit or delete a product from the product list.
  • Booked List: This contains the list of customers who have booked products from the Website. It will show the name of the customer, email id, product purchased, address, booking date, amount, and so on.


To purchase any product customer needs to signup to the website using details like name, password, contact info, address, and so on. If he is already a user he can easily log in using his name and password. He can update the number of items he wants to purchase and accordingly the amount will vary. He also needs to add the delivery address. When he proceeds to the next page he will need to add his card details and make payment. It will show that the payment is successful!

You can check all the admin and customer details that are being added to the database.

Tools and Technologies

Front-End: Java
Server-side: Spring
Back-end: MYSQL, Hibernate.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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Note: If you need the source code you can contact. We will provide complete source code and all the required things like Database and project reports with all the diagrams. Also, we have created STEP by STEP configuration tutorial to help you in the configuration process.

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Online Fashion Store Website Project Demo

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