Online Flight booking Project in Spring Boot and Hibernate

Online Flight booking or Airline ticket booking project in Spring boot and hibernate with source code and project report. Another project in Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Hibernate with MYSQL.

This Airline ticket booking project is a web application and using Spring Boot to manage the security part of the application, Its using Spring MVC to manage the resources. Its web application and deployed over the tomcat server and using the Maven tool to manage the dependency of the application.

It’s using Hibernate with MySQL to manage the back end of the application. It will be compatible with any version of MYSQL above 5.5 also we can operate the backend using MYSQL workbench, MYSQL YOG, or any other MSQL GUI tool.

Objective of Online Flight booking Project in Spring

Online flight booking project is a web application. The main objective of the application is to help airport staff to manage the Airtickets and the Customers. It’s going to automate the manual process of ticket booking and flight management.

Online Flight booking project in java

There are 2 types of users that can operate the application 1) End-user/Customer 2) Admin Let’s see the detailed working for both of the roles.

Role of the admin

  • Admin can Add/EDIT/DELETE new flight details.
  • Admin can check the booking records of the users.
  • Admin can change the status of the booking.
  • Admin can change the flight time accordingly.


– Users can search for a new flight with some easy steps just enter the flight name from and to according to the location for example City A to City B.

– Users can Register in the application with some simple details like mobile number, name, and email.

– Users can log in to the application. After login user can view his personal information under my profile section.

– Users can edit their personal details at any time as well as users can change passwords.

– User change checks the booking history. To check the past booking details and ticket status.

– Users can search for flights after login as well as without login.

– When users will search flights the list of available flights displays on the search result page with a beautiful BOOK button.

– Users can book the flight from location A to location B. To confirm booking user must be login in to the application.

– Users need to pay online currently it’s using the demo payment page. We are not using a real-time payment gateway or email sending API. These things are just for the demo.

Tools and Technologies

Front-End: Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Js.

Frameworks: Spring boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate.

Technology/Domain: Java

Back-end: MYSQL with workbench or MysqlYog.

Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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Project in Spring Boot and Hibernate

Flight booking project in Spring, Is available with source code and project report. As we have remote support so will provide a video tutorial to run and configure the project on your machine also will providing remote support to run the project. So In case, you face any issue we are ready to help you.

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