Ship Management System In Java Using JSP And Servlet With Source Code

The Ship Management System project is developed in Java using JSP and Servlet and is available for students for their college projects pursuing degrees in the IT field with source code. It is aimed to develop a ship-related management system, which can administer the management of a ship-based transport company. It will allow managing both cruise and cargo ship business.

Ship Management System Overview

It is a multi-role application project i.e. Admin, Staff, and User, where Admin will have the main control over the system.

Admin will be responsible for keeping a check on the Bookings, Staff, Users, and management of the system. While Users can register themselves, log in using the login credentials, book/view/track cruise tickets, view/book/cancel courier, contact ship management staff for any inquiries, etc.

The whole project is developed using Servlet and JSP. At the front end, we have used HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. At the data access layer, we have used JDBC API. The Database used here is MYSQL. The whole project is following the MVC (Model View & Controller) design pattern.

Ship Management System Abstract

Codebun has designed Ship Management System in java which has three main roles i.e. Admin, Staff, and User. Admin can manage all the registered users and keep the records of each user. Admin can  View/Confirm/Cancel registration done by Users. Admin is the primary user. Admin can Add/Remove/Update any details related to the system. Admin Add/Remove/Update Courier details to the system.

Admin can View/Confirm/Cancel ticket booking for a cruise ship by Users. Admin can check the availability of tickets. Admin can Add/Remove/Update the packages and prices of tickets and other services.

Admin will be able to View/Confirm/Cancel courier booking done by users. Admin can list down all the banned and illegal items on cargo ships that cannot be shipped. Admin can update the status of the couriers. Admin can Add/Remove/Update staff and their details.

On the other hand, Users can register themselves on the portal, and log in using the login credentials. Users can book tickets for cruise ships, book couriers for cargo shipping, track the status of the booked courier, and can find detailed information on the system after logging in. Users can contact the staff for any inquiry.

Users can find complete details of cruise locations, packages, etc available.

The following are the major objective of this application:

  1. To provide a bug-free application.
  2. The main objective is to build a secured, robust Ship Management System.
  3. It maintains the record of the Users, Staff, Cruises, Couriers, etc.

 Modules in Ship Management System

Admin Module- This module will allow Admin to log in to the system and manage the system and its functions. Admin can View/Confirm/Cancel registrations, and bookings, manage cruise & cargo ship details, and availability can manage users, staff, payments, etc.

User Module– In this module, a user can register themselves first using their name, contact number, and address and also, can manage their profile. The user module will allow users to log in to the system using their names & contact number.

Registration Module– In this module, Users can register on the portal.

Search Module- Users can search all the cruise ships available for the desired locations.

Tracking Module– In this module, Users will be able to track their couriered parcels.

Payment Module- In this module, Users can make payments.

Availability- In this module, Admin can check whether tickets are available or not.

Booking Module- In this module, Users can do either cruise ship booking or courier booking.

Staff Module– All the operations related to staff can be managed in this module.

Users Record: Details of Users like a Name, Contact Number, Address, booking history, and payments can be managed by Admin in this module.

Users Roles


  • Can Log in/Log out of the system.
  • Admin can manage cruise and cargo ship details in the system.
  • Can View/Confirm/Cancel ticket booking for a cruise ship by Users.
  • Can View/Confirm/Cancel courier booking be done by users.
  • Admin can track courier.
  • Can manage staff.
  • Can manage users and their details.
  • Can manage payments.
  • Can change password.
  • Can manage “My Profiles”.


  • Can log in/log out of the system.
  • Can Manage “My profile”.
  • Can view/book/track courier.
  • Can view/book/cancel tickets.
  • Can make payments online.
  • Can change password.
  • Can contact staff for inquiry.


  • Can log in/log out of the system.
  • Can Manage “My profile”.
  • Can collect/deliver couriers.
  • Can update status.
  • Can change password.

Flow Diagram of Ship Management System

Tools and Technologies Used

Technology/Domain: Java
Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS, Bootstrap.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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