Text Summarization Project using Flutter and Python

Text summarization is a valuable tool for condensing lengthy documents or articles into shorter, more concise versions while retaining the essential information. In this project, we aim to develop a mobile application using the Flutter framework for the front end and Python for the back end. This application will allow users to input text and receive summarized versions of the text.

Project Objectives:

  • Create a user-friendly mobile app for text summarization.
  • Implement an efficient text summarization algorithm using Python.
  • Enable users to input text through the app’s user interface.
  • Ensure cross-platform compatibility using Flutter for iOS and Android.

Tools And Technology

Application Front-end Interface (Flutter):

  • User-friendly text input interface.
  • Display summarized text to the user.
  • User-friendly design and responsive layout for mobile devices.

Application Back-end Interface (Python ):

  • Develop a robust text summarization algorithm.
  • Implement Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for summarization.
  • Handle user requests for summarization and return the results.

Technology Stack:


  • Flutter (Flet)
  • Flutter packages for UI design (e.g., Material Design)


  • Python
  • NLP libraries
  • Tensorflow 2.0 (also can use pytorch)
  • Pipelines from Huggingface
  • BART model fine-tuned on CNN Daily Mails

Project Flow Workflow:

  • Users input the text they want to summarize.
  • The Python back-end processes the text and returns the summarized version.
  • The app displays the summary to the user.

Testing and Deployment:

  • Rigorous testing of the Flutter app on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Testing the Python text summarization algorithm for accuracy and efficiency.

Future Enhancements:

  • Support for more advanced summarization techniques (e.g., abstractive summarization).
  • Integration with external sources (e.g., news articles, websites) for summarization.
  • Language support for multiple languages.
  • Continuous improvement of summarization accuracy.
  • Addition of new models in upcoming versions

The Text Summarization App project aims to provide users with a powerful tool for quickly summarizing text content. Using Flutter for the front end and Python for the back end, we can create a versatile and user-friendly application with the potential for further expansion and improvement.