Vehicle loan management project in java with source code and project report

Vehicle loan management is a Java web application, Online Vehicle loan management in java using JSP, Servlet, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and MYSQL to develop the application. It uses maven to manage the jar and dependencies. Application is deployed on the tomcat server.

Vehicle loan management project in java

This web application is used to manage the complete loan management process for vehicles that is a web application and required a browser to run the application. Let’s check more details about vehicle loan management.

Abstract for Vehicle loan management project

Getting a loan is a very tiring and complicated process in India. It may take from weeks to months for loans to get approved and people have to visit the office again and again for documents and verification.

This processing time can be reduced if we go for an online solution to the same problem from the bank as well as the customer’s side. We would like to make end-to-end loan cycle management. This will be helpful for all customer interaction with 360-degree views of customers across the organization.

With the implementation of this system, we will have robust and real-time analytics, customized reports, and a user-specific layout. Also by implementing this, we need not worry to carry forward the data from the local regions to global regions.

The main function of this system will check the requirement of the customer and after verification provides online loans as soon as possible and track user records. Factors Affecting Car Loan EMI:
Loan Amount: Amount borrowed by a borrower from the bank. If you apply for a higher loan
amount, your monthly EMI will be high.
Interest Rate: It is the rate charged by Bank on the vehicle loan. A higher interest rate increases
your loan EMI which will increase the total cost of the loan.
Loan Tenure: It is the period in which you can repay your loan to BANK. Longer loan tenure
means lower car loan EMI.

Vehicle loan management project modules


● Home:

The web homepage includes the login of the user, if a user is not registered then the user will register first and the login into the website. Without login, they can only access basic information.

● User-Registration:

If the User is new to the website, then the user can register himself and provide the necessary information. If the user does not have any bank account, then the user can register.

● User-Login:

On Login page user will enter the login id and password to get access to more information and the user will be able to apply for the loan of his choice.

● Apply for a loan:

On this page, the user can see the different schemas for loans, and according to his preference and choice user can apply for the loan.


● Home:

The same web homepage includes the login of the admin.

● Login Admin:

Admin can log in by admin id and password. After login admin will be redirected to the dashboard where the admin can control all the actions and verify the document.

● Dashboard:

In the dashboard, the admin can see all the details about the user and their activity and track all the loan details.

● Verify:

If the user uploads any document, then the admin is the person who can verify the data. After verifying admin will create the bank account for the user.

 Calculate EMI

-Interest Rate
E= P*R[ ((1+R)^n)/ (((1+R)^n)-1)]
P: Principal Amount
R: Rate of Interest per month
n: Tenure of the loan in months

After filling in all the entries, the calculator will calculate the EMI value.

Check Eligibility1- Get EligibilityUser Needs to give details of vehicle details, personal information details, income
details, etc to get eligibility for the loan.

Complete ApplicationUser will upload all the documents such as Aadhar card details, PAN card details, address proof, salary slip of last 6 months, etc.

After this admin will verify whether to approve a loan or not based on the user details.

Tools and Technologies

Technology/Domain: Java
Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS, Bootstrap.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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