Best Practice to write technical articles

Before writing any article make sure you know about the topic in-depth. It would be better if you spend more time in research about the topic and less time in writing. Quality content is king. So make sure your article should be meaningful, easy to understand, well formating, and use need full examples and images.

Good technical article includes!


The heading should a catchy word a one-sentence answer to your whole article. The sentence length should be 10-70 characters. Sometimes you can use questioner words like “How to..”, “What is..”, “How to use..”, “What are the…” etc.

While you are writing the heading of the article think like a user and find the word that you are going to search on Google. Check the search engine suggestions.

Sub Headings

All the subheading should be sub-branches of the main heading and it should be related to the heading so make sure you are cover all the “Keywords” related to the article.

Note: Always write some description about the heading do not add a direct image, Table, or another heading after a heading.


Paragraph length should be cover in 2-3 lines because always a sort paragraph is easy to read. If you have a long paragraph then divide it into multiple parts.

Always try to add an image explanation of the paragraph because the visuals make it easy to understand. Add examples and code blocks (if required).

Page Linking

Redirecting users from one page to another page is called page linking. So if are writing about any previous article or topic always add the link to that page. that will help users to easily move to that reference.

Scope of the article

There are no work limits when you are going to explain the topic so your AIM should be to cover all the required things related to the topic. Like What is.., How to use, What are the difference between, Architecture, etc. In the end, Make sure you have covered all the details about the topic.

URL of the article

Your title will your article by default so always keep a good title so it can convert into a URL automatic.


Image is the best way to explain the topic visually but at the same time, it’s going to affect the loading speed of the page.

So make sure you are going to upload a max size(20-30kb) of the image and do not copy or download the image from the internet. So design images according to your article and topic.

Also, I will recommend you use TinyJPG to compress the images.

How to choose the correct heading or title for the topic.

The topic that you are going to write search about the same over the google and check the suggestion list in the drop-down or bottom of the google search page.

Make sure you cover as much as possible related, Suggested search keywords in your headings or subheadings.


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Keep these points in mind when you writing an article.

  1. The title should be user-friendly/long tell keyword(Think if you want to search about the topic what will you search on the internet to get the better results).
    Example: How to/What is ……..Topic……. in ABC.
  2.  The first paragraph should be a summary of the whole article that should be finished with a 2-3 line. Also, make sure this paragraph contains the title as well.
  3.  All the subheadings should be related to the title and keep the user queries in subheading as well.
  4.  We can including the Images and video that is a better way to explain the topic in detail.
  5.  Follow all the basic rules of on-page SEO.