Fruit and Vegetables Shop Project In Java with source code and project report

Online Fruit and Vegetables Shop Project in Java using JSP, servlet, and MYSQL. It is another eCommerce Project in java that is using MVC architecture and the Maven tool to manage the dependencies.

Fruit shop is performing all the crud operations like EDIT/UPDATE/DELETE functions. Following the MVC architecture to manage the view part in JSP and handling the Server-side request, it’s using servlet and MYSQL as backend.

Fruit and Vegetable shop project in java

The main objective of the Online Fruit and Vegetable shop is to create an online e-commerce platform for customers to buy and sell fruit and vegs. It’s an online shop where you can place your order according to your requirements.

The following are the major objective of the application.

  1. One-click and handy shopping with easy UI.
  2. Provide facility for online payment Users can pay online.
  3. Same price of the product according to the city or country.
  4. Provide an online platform for every customer to buy fruit and vegs.
  5. Dedicated system to manage the order history.

Modules and functionalists of Fruit and Vegetable

There are two types of actors in the application one is ADMIN or the shop owner who can manage his product and the other one will be the customer who can view products and place an order to buy them. Let’s see all the details step by step.


shop owners can log in to the application and manage available products like the number of products. admin can delete update the records.

  • Admin can ADD/DELETE/UPDATE the available product in the shop.
  • Admin can check the records about the customers.
  • Admin can check the order history.
  • Admin can view all the transactions like pending orders or the placed orders.
  • Admin can upload the image of the product and change the price at any time.


The user is the front actor of the application who can view the available products and check the price as well and place the order according to the requirement.

  • Users can view the product.
  • Users can register in the application with some simple or mandatory details like Name, Email, phone, and address.
  • Users can place an order in some easy steps.
  • Users can manage the shopping cart.
  • Users can view the invoice or bill of the complete shopping.
  • Users can view the transaction history after login into the application.
  • The mandatory part of the application for users is, Users have to log in to order any product.

Technologies used in Fruit and vegetable

Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS.
Server-side: Servlet.
Back-end: MYSQL.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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