Car Showroom Management Project In Spring Boot and Hibernate With Source Code

Car Showroom Management System in spring boot and hibernate with Source Code. This project is designed to automate the process of a Car Showroom thereby, easing the process of managing and keeping records of every detail related to the Showroom.

Everything from different brands of cars, model numbers, features, payments, etc can be managed in this project. We will discuss each aspect of this project in detail for enhanced understanding.

Car Showroom Management System Overview

It is a double-role application project i.e. Admin and User, where Admin will have the main control over the system.

Admin will be responsible for maintaining the system and also, keeping a check on the availability of Cars, updating any details related to the Car Showroom, managing payments, etc. On the other hand, Users can register and purchase cars of their choice.

The overall project is designed using the MVC pattern (MVC i.e. Model, View, and Controller). In the Backend, it is using Spring Boot, at the data access layer the project is using Hibernate Framework, and at the frontend, we are using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. The Database used here is MYSQL.

Car Showroom Management System Abstract

The market is flooded with different brands of cars. There are millions of options available for buying a car.

This Car Showroom Management System will allow Admin to manage the car showroom and users to find the car for themselves, find cars with their brand names and model numbers, book a car online, and make payments online.

Codebun has designed a Car Showroom Management project in spring boot and hibernate, which has two main roles i.e. Admin and User. Admin is the primary user. Admin can categorize the Cars according to their brands and model numbers, add/remove/update any car/car details, edit prices of the cars, view/confirm/cancel orders placed by users, accept payments online, and so on.

Admin can keep all the records of the Users. Users can buy a car of their choice, and make payments online

The following are the major objective of this application:

  1. To provide a bug-free application.
  2. The main objective is to build a secured, robust Car Showroom Management System.
  3. It maintains the record of Cars, Users, Payments, Purchase history, etc.

Modules in Car Showroom Management System

Admin Module– This module will allow Admin to log in and log out of the system and manage the system and its functions.

User Module: This module will allow the user to manage all the operations related to the user like user name, contact details, purchase and payment history, etc.

Registration–This module will allow users to first register into the system using their names, contact numbers, and Mail IDs, and set passwords. Then a user can log in to the system using the registered name and password. Also, Users can log out of the system.

Category: In this module, Cars can be categorized by Admin according to their brand names, price range, models, mileage, fuel types, etc.

Purchase: This module will allow the user to purchase the car.

Availability: In this module, Admin can check whether the particular Car from a specific category is available in stock or not.

Sold Quantity: This module will allow the admin to keep records of the number of Cars sold.

Payment Module: In this module, all the payment-related details can be managed.

Users Roles

Two users can interact with this application 1) Admin 2) User


  • Can log in/log out of the system.
  • Admin can view/edit/delete Cars into the system.
  • Can view/edit/delete Car Category into the system.
  • Admin can view/confirm/cancel orders placed by User.
  • Can check payments done by User.
  • Can change prices of Cars.
  • Can change password.
  • Can manage “My profiles”.
  • Can manage Insurance.


  • Can log in/log out of the system.
  • Can Manage “My profile”.
  • Can look for Car Categories.
  • Can look for specific Cars using their brand names, models, etc.
  • Users can place/cancel an order.
  • Can make payments online.
  • Can change password.
  • Can check Insurance.

Flow Diagram for Car Showroom Management System

Tools and Technologies Used

Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS.
Server-side: Spring Boot.
Back-end: MYSQL, Hibernate.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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