E-Learning Project in Spring Boot and Hibernate with source code and project report

The E-learning Project is built using Spring Boot, and the Database it is using is MYSQL. This is developed to manage e-learning activity on a single platform where students, Teachers, and Admin can have a single medium through which they can manage all the activities safely.

This project has all the necessary functionality that an E-Learning application should have. It is built to support all roles, whether it is facilitator, Students as well as the faculty. The whole project is built using Spring Boot. It is using the Spring MVC to manage the resources.

E-Learning Project in Java

E-learning is the process of using technology to assist learning and tutoring. In today’s time, education is one of the great assets for any individual. So, E-learning is providing a platform where anybody from anywhere can access the courses. More and More organizations are shifting from classroom-based learning to E-learning and slowly it is becoming popular around the world.

So, we on Codebun has developed an E-learning application where there are majorly three roles: one is a Facilitator who will act as an admin, where it can add courses, add Topic, View Courses and etc. The other role is that of Student where he/she will access the course enrolled on it, and get started learning. The last role is that of faculty where it can view the queries raised by students and can resolve the queries.

The following are the major objective of this application:

  1. To provide a bug-free application to the facilitator, student, or faculty.
  2. The main objective is to build a robust E-learning application for any organization to expand its learning process.
  3. It maintains all the courses pdf’s, videos efficiently so that it would be easy to access at any time 24*7.

Modules and Functionalities of an E-Learning project

There are three main users of this application one is the Admin, the admin here can be the facilitator, the other is the Student and the last one is faculty.

1) Admin (Facilitator)

  • Admin can VIEW Courses.
  • Admin can ADD Courses
  • Admin can Add Topics.
  • Admin can VIEW its profile.

2) Student

  • Students can VIEW Courses.
  • Students can search for the course.
  • Students can enroll in the courses.
  • Students can View the Topics.
  • Students can learn using PDF or VIDEO.
  • Students can download both PDF as well as VIDEO.
  • Students can raise a query.
  • Students can VIEW its profile.

3) Faculty

  • Faculty can VIEW queries raised by students.
  • The faculty can Answer the queries.
  • Faculty can VIEW its profile.

NOTE: The forgot password and login and registration feature is common to all users in the system.

Tools and Technologies

Front-End: Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Js.

Frameworks: Spring boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate.

Technology/Domain: Java

Back-end: MYSQL with workbench.

Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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Project in Spring Boot and Hibernate

Job Portal Project in Spring, Is available with source code and project report. will provide a video tutorial to run and configure the project on your machine also will providing remote support to run the project. So In case, you face any issues we are always ready to help you.

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