Hostel Management Project using Spring boot, ReactJs, RestAPI, MySQL

Project Using Spring boot and React Js. Hostel Management Project is using Spring boot to manage the server-side programming and it using ReactJs to manage the front-end components. It using RestAPI to make transections and MYSQL as backend databases.

As technologies, Framework and tools its using Spring boot, Hibernate, Mysql, ReactJs, RestAPI, Bootstrap, tomcat server, Eclipse, or STS tool. also hostel Management Following MVC architecture and build on the maven tool. Running on the localhost using the tomcat server.

Hostel Management system project in Spring and ReactJs

The main objective of this project is to automate all the manual operations of the hotels. Keep records of students, visitors in digital storage.

  • Track the record of hostlers all the details of students will be available with the one-click of the search button.
  • Track the finance or fee details of the students.
  • Check room availability.
  • Track the record of visitors.
  • It will save a lot of time and paperwork.

Modules and functionalities

There are three actors of the application which going to interact directly with the application Admin, Student, Warden, and the visitors who are the indirect actor of the application.


Admin will be responsible to manage the details of all the students, Wardens, and room allotments. Like admin can a new user and view the list of existing users in the application.

  • Admin can ADD/DELETE/UPDATE user or student details.
  • Admin can ADD/DELETE/UPDATE the records of wardens.
  • Admin can check the activity of rooms in the hostel.
  • Admin can check the trach the transection related to payment of the student etc.
  • Admin can EDIT/Delete the visitor’s details.


  • Students can check their transaction and profile details.
  • Students can register and log in to the application and manage the profile username and password.
  • Students can view all the transaction history and room booking details.


  • Wardens have access to add new visitors to the application.
  • Wardens can manage the student details.
  • Wardens can check the room availability and manage the room allotment according to the requirement.

Technologies used in the Hostel Management system

Front-End: ReactJs, Bootstrap, Css

Server-side: Spring boot and ReatAPI.

Back-end: MYSQL(Database).

Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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