Event Management in Spring boot, JPA and Hibernate with Source Code

Online Event Management System Project Java web-based application developed using Spring Boot, Hibernate, and JPA (Java Persistence API).

The system aims to provide a comprehensive platform for managing events-related operations like adding a new event, and Schedule events, and customers can book these events to reserve their seats.

This project overview provides a high-level understanding of the system’s architecture, features, and technologies used.

User Management: The system allows users to register and create accounts. Registered users can log in, update their profiles, and access information related to upcoming and booking events.

Event Creation: Organizers can create new events by providing details such as event name, date, time, location, description, and ticket availability.

Event Registration: Attendees can register for events by selecting the desired event, specifying the number of tickets, and providing their contact information. Attendees can also view their registered events and make changes if required.

Ticket Management: The system manages ticket availability, allowing organizers to set limits on the number of tickets available for each event. Attendees can purchase tickets.

Payment Integration: The application integrates with a payment gateway to facilitate secure online payments for event tickets. Popular payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and online wallets can be supported. Currently, it’s using a dummy payment page,

Technology Stack:

The Event Management System is developed using the following technologies:

Spring Boot: A popular Java framework for building robust and scalable applications. It provides a simplified development experience, dependency management, and auto-configuration.

Java Persistence API (JPA): A specification for object-relational mapping (ORM) in Java applications. JPA allows developers to map Java objects to relational database entities and perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations.

Hibernate A powerful ORM framework that implements the JPA specification. Hibernate simplifies database interactions by abstracting low-level JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) code and providing a higher-level object-oriented interface.

MySQL/PostgreSQL: A widely used relational database management system. MySQL or PostgreSQL can be chosen as the database for storing event-related data.

HTML/CSS/JavaScript: For creating the user interface and enhancing the user experience, standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can be used.

Thymeleaf: A server-side Java template engine that enables the seamless integration of dynamic data with HTML templates.

Bootstrap: A popular front-end framework for building responsive and visually appealing web applications.

Tools and Technologies

Front-End: JSP, Html, CSS, JS.
Server-side: Spring Boot.
Back-end: MYSQL, Hibernate.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

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Flow Diagram for Event Management System


The Event Management System developed using Spring Boot, JPA, and Hibernate provides a comprehensive platform for managing events efficiently. With features such as event creation, registration, ticket management, payment integration, and reporting, the system simplifies the process of organizing and attending events. The chosen technology stack ensures scalability, maintainability, and performance. Developers can refer to the provided source code to understand the implementation details and customize the system to meet specific requirements.