Stadium ticket booking project in java using spring boot and hibernate

Online Stadium ticket booking project in Java using Spring boot, Hibernate, JPA, JPS, JSTL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MYSQL, Tomcat, Maven, and MVC.

It’s a web application running over the Tomcat server at localhost. The main objective of the stadium ticket booking project is to book a ticket on

Objective of Stadium ticket booking project in spring boot

The Stadium Ticket Booking Project aims to develop a user-friendly ticket booking web application for a stadium using Java, Spring Boot, and Hibernate.

The primary objective is to automate the ticket booking process for the events held in the stadium. The system is easy to access over the web browser over the localhost server Tomcat.

Users should be able to create an account, securely log in, and manage their bookings. This ensures security and personalized experiences for each user and admin user.

Admin can manage stadium details, ADD/DELETE/UPDATE/View Stadiums, ticket prices, and seat availability. It should provide an easy-to-use interface for administrators to add, update, and remove events and manage the overall stadium operations.

The ticket booking system should integrate a secure payment gateway to facilitate seamless online payments. Currently, in this application, we are using dummy payment pages that will store the end-to-end transaction and payment information in the database.

The system maintains a booking history for each user, allowing them to view and manage their past and upcoming bookings. Users can also cancel the booking and view the status.

Admin can access the Admin panel with functionalities to manage stadiums, and users, and generate reports. Administrators should be able to monitor ticket sales and payment transactions.

Modules of Online Stadium Ticket Booking Project

There are the following modules for the stadium ticket booking project

Login/ Registration: External Users/Customers and admin can log in and register by filling up a simple registration form.

Ticket booking: Users can book single or multiple tickets according to the requirement. After booking the tickets user can view the history of booking in the history sections.

Payment: While booking the ticket, the user can pay the required amount. The current application is running on localhost and not using any real-time payment gateway but it has the payment pages.

Technology Stack

  • Spring Boot: For rapid development of the application with minimal configuration.
  • Hibernate: For object-relational mapping (ORM) and database interactions.
  • Spring MVC: To implement the Model-View-Controller architecture.
  • JSP and JSTL: As the template engine for server-side rendering.
  • MySQL: As the relational database to store and manage data.
  • HTML: To define the frontend elements.
  • Bootstrap and CSS: For Styling.
  • Server: Using Spring tomcat Integrated tomcat server


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