Housing Society Management project Spring Boot

Online Housing Society Management Project in Spring boot or House apartment Management project in Java using Spring boot and Hibernate. The main objective of the housing society management project is to manage the Rent and Sell house properties let’s understand in the detail the used functionalities, Tool, and Technologies in this Spring boot application.

Online Housing Society Management is a Java web application that is using different technologies and frameworks as per the MVC requirements. Its following MVC architecture. The view or front-end part is developed using HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JS, JSP, and JPA. To handle the Controller or server-side programming its using Spring boot and Model or backend is handled by hibernating with MYSQL Database.

Overview of Housing Society Management

Online is a trend now and every business wants to provide online services that can save time and money. Housing Society application is a web application that will manage the Houses Properties, Apartments, and Flats. It will help the customer to search the property of Rent or Sell. Complaint management, Broker free services, No middlemen will be there between owners.

E-Housing Society Management System is developed to provide the solution of renting and selling the Houses and managing every activity of society through an application. Through, this application admin who is one of the users of this application will manage all the activities of creating a new society, adding houses to the society, viewing the report for the house, and so on.

User roles housing society management project

There are two main users or actors in this application. Let’s see one by one

  • Admin
  • Users/Members

Admin is the main user here who will manage all the activity such as

  • Admin can ADD members
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE Society.
  • Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE Houses to Society.
  • Admin can VIEW House report.
  • Admin can Allocate House to member
  • Admin can ADD members.
  • Admin can view and reply to complaints made by Users/members.

User/Member is the users of this application who will sell, rent their Houses, and also can generate complain.

  • Users can VIEW the House List.
  • Users can VIEW the Society List.
  • Users can rent the House.
  • Users can sell the house.
  • The user can manage its account Info.
  • Users can make new complaints and can view the reply by Admin or owner.

Housing Society Management Project in Spring Boot

Here is the complete execution of the project to view the working functionality, User roles the project will work same as shown in the below demo.

Tools and Technologies

Front-End: Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Js.
Frameworks: Spring boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JPA.
Technology/Domain: Java
Back-end: MYSQL with workbench.
Server: Tomcat 8.5.

Contact to get Source code

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The main Objective of the E-Housing Society Management System is to provide an online platform where a member of the society can use this application to raise complain related to society also if any member wants to sell or rent their Houses so they can use this application for that purpose also. This application can be used by the admin to add the houses, society and to allocate society to members. This application not only helps the admin but also the flat owners, who want to have the central system for their Hosing through online medium.

This project provides a simple and beautiful interface for the admin as well as to the member, or users. Just admin needs to add Society, add Houses to society, and allocate Houses to members and to generate reports and, etc. All the information will be stored in the database and that will help to maintain all the information of members.

Housing Society Management Project Project in Spring, Is available with source code and project report. will provide a video tutorial to run and configure the project on your machine also will providing remote support to run the project. So In case, you face any issues we are always ready to help you.

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