How to Configure PHP Project in Xampp and MYSQL

How to run the PHP project in Xampp with MYSQL. If you have any existing source code or you got the source code from codebun then its time to configure and run it at your machine. There are some important steps that should follow carefully to run any PHP project.

Steps to Run a PHP Project in XAMPP

Before any step make sure you have all the required software and files in your machine.

  1. Xampp Server(Installed and running properly)
  2. Project Source code.
  3. Project Database(example.sql) file.

Step 1: Download and install XAMPP server

Download Xampp Server link

  • Download the Xampp server from the above link and install XAMPP.
  • Find htdocs in respective installed directory By default path will “C:\xampp\htdocs” in windows.
  • Keep the root folder of the source code in htdocs folder. In my case, I create a folder “PHPProjects” in htdocs and keep all the PHP projects there.

Step 2: Run MYSQL/ Open MySQL on your browser.

Run Xampp server And Start Apache and MySQL.

Open PHPMyAdmin to access mysql “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”

Step 3: Import Database file MYSQL.

Create a Database and import the existing SQL file to import the database.

Step 5: Run the PHP Project

Open a new tab and enter “http://localhost/_Project Folder Name”.