How to Create Requirement Documentation for a web application

What are the functional and non-functional requirements and how to create Requirement documentation for a web application? In this tutorial, let’s see some examples to create software requirements.

There are lots of standard documentation, Digrams, and management techniques are used to define the Application requirements(dream or Idea). SRS documentation and UML diagram is the best way to define the application and tools like Jira or google sheet will help to manage the user stories.

Below is some important documentation that we need to start the project.

As a Student:

If you are a student and need to develop a custom web application from scratch or changes in any existing project from Codebun then you have to share Any One documentation as a software requirement.

Software requirements documentation

Prepare a google sheet or excel or docs that contain the following points.


Clearly define the technology and tools for programming, design, and backend database, etc.

Functional Requirements:

All end-to-end requirements of the application according to the modules Like login, Registration, Logout, Add, User, delete User, etc.

Define each and every module in the details as defined in the Sample documentation to define and application requirement.  

User role and Application flow

Here, you need to define the different types of users. that is going to operate the application like Students, Admin, Customer, etc. It depends on the application requirements.

Define the flow of the application like After login admin can perform XYZ operations and so on.

Sample documentation to define application requirements.