Java Projects Idea in 2021 & College Project for Students

If you are a final year or third-year student who is looking to prepare for placements and need to build a project in the Java programming language to get a good hold on a language, So you have come to the right place. Here, we will take you to the best project Ideas in 2021 to work on Java programming knowledge.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages among other programming languages. According to the PYPL Popularity of Programming language Index of May 2021 created by analyzing how often the language tutorials are searched on the Internet Java is ranked 2nd among other programming languages which accounts for 17.72% share.

Though there are new languages coming up in recent years, Java has made sure that it keeps evolving itself from time to time. From its version that was released in the year 1996 – JDK 1.0.2 to the recent version JDK 16.0.1. Even Java 17 now is in development.

Why build Projects in Java Programming Language?

Java is a platform-independent language i.e you can write the code on one platform and can run it on another. This feature makes the Java most popular. If you want to learn the basic of this language i.e core Java you can check this tutorial are some best framework build on Java that provides us some boilerplate code. Let us where Java is used.

  • Major Domains such as Industry, Insurance, Health, and etc have their project build in Java programming language.
  • There is some cloud-based application that is built using Java for eg, Gmail- the most popular cloud-based application that we used on the daily basis is built using Java.
  • Even in the IoT application, Java provides a good help.
  • And Yes, One can never forget i.e Web application which was the first use of Java and till now remains the best choice.
  • Java can be used to create Games because of its High performance.

These are some major things where you can use Java and build a High performance, Robust, scalable projects.

Let us see some project ideas you can use and apply your Java programming knowledge.

Java Projects Ideas in 2021

The following are some project ideas in 2021 that you can build and can convert your Fours years of Theoretical knowledge into practice.

Airline Reservation System

The airline reservations system is a web application that builds to automate the ticket booking system of airlines. An online platform for the customer to check the flight details and the user can book the ticket as well. There are some major modules that are covered here: Flight Module, Ticket Booking Module, Payment Module. For complete details see this article

Electricity Bill Management System

The electricity bill management system project in java is a web application that is developed to automate the billing system of the electricity board. It can be a minor or major project in java for the student. There are three main modules such as Login Module for User & Admin. Billing Module & Payment module. For complete details check this article

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System project in java is a web application where a user can manage all his purchases easily and efficiently. Whenever the user makes any purchase, its complete information including invoice no., date of purchase, product price, brand, category, user’s payment history, due payment, and a lot more can be easily saved using this application. For complete details check this article

Online Fashion Store Project

When you build any E-commerce web application all the modules are covered automatically. It is considered one of the advanced projects in the Java Programming language. These projects have major modules such as view products, filter products based on category, Add to cart option, Payment option. For complete details check here

Student Management System

If you are a beginner, you can try to implement this application. It is built to manage the records of students in college, universities, and etc. Here You can have users: Admin, Faculty & User/Student. Admin can manage all the records as well as can view the registered student. Students can view the mark sheet and can check the attendance details. Faculty can add attendance. For complete details check here

Hospital Management System

This is also one of the good projects to start with and a bit of advanced level also. HMS is a web application that helps to manage the activity of a hospital Like Patient management, Doctor management, Manage appointments. Manage the records of patients. You can have many modules here like adding doctor, patients Information, Receptionist Information and etc. For complete details check here

Library Management System

Library management is a web-based Java application that automates the working of a library or book center that manages and maintains records of the books in the book library. This project has major modules such as adding books, maintaining them, Adding Students, and Issue books. For complete details check here

Bank Management System

This is also one of the great projects to work on in your college days to get a hold of practical knowledge. This application is built to handle Banking day-to-day activities. The user here can make transactions by login into the system, Admin can view the user’s complete Information by keeping security in mind. For complete details check here

Online Quiz Project

If you have already created some basic project then move on to this project. This project will have a question and answer module that would help you to understand how the process flows into the application. This project has both the User and Admin module where the admin can add exams, add questions, print results and the User can give exam view results. For complete details check here

Survey Project

This is also one of the good projects where admin can add survey question, competition and Student registered can view the survey, give the survey, can view competition, and etc. We have created an Environment Survey project to cover the survey of the environment. For complete details check here

Thus, this is the list of some project ideas for 2021 on which students can work and get good practical knowledge and hands-on experience in creating projects.

Once you build any project from the above list by yourself, in the interview you won’t face any problem and can crack the interview seamlessly.