Java Training For Placement

Java Placement Training Program Conducted by enough experienced developers who continue working on the latest technology as a developer. The training program will start from the basics. It means even if you are a non-technical person you can join this training program.

Java Training Program

The Java training program is divided into 3 major parts.

Say, Hello to Java

  • Introduction to Java.
  • JVM Explanation.
  • Variables, Data Types -Primitive and Assignment.
  • Methods, Operators, reading.
  • All looping Explanation with an example, Constructor, Conditional statement.
  • Switch, Array =1d 2d input in array Array Example, Array of Objects.
  • String class, methods String buffer, and static keywords explanation in detail.
  • Immutable class in Java.

Object-Oriented Programming

  • OOPs concept Theoretical knowledge with real-time example
  • Encapsulation & Inheritance with Example plus Homework
  • Polymorphism & Abstraction with Example
  • this keyword, setter & getter instant keyword, Assignment, JDK JVM & JRE
  • Comprator & Comparable Interface.

Play with Data

  • Java Collection-ArrayList and Homework Explanation
  • HashSet with Examples and Project Explanation
  • Stack, Queue, HashMap Examples.
  • File I/O and Date class
  • Serialization & JDBC

Write Clean and Error-free code

  • Exception Handling -try to catch throw throws.
  • Math Class Type casting Java Conversion.
  • Regular Expression-Initial concept.
  • Regular Expression-Remaining concept with eg.
  • Multithreading in Java & garbage collection and Project explanation.
  • Generics in Java
  • Enumeration
  • Wrapper classes

Code formatting

  • Singleton Design Pattern.
  • Factory design pattern.

Practice and Project Development -1

Develop a console application that performs the CRUD operations.

Mock Interview 1

Let’s Communicate with Server Programming(Servlet)

  • Servlet Introduction, Environment Set up.
  • Servlet Example and life cycle example.
  • Client & Server HTTP Request and response | Servlet | Generic | Http Servlet.
  • ServletRequest | Servlet Config | Servlet Response | Srvlet Context with Examples.
  • GET|POST Send redirect and request dispatcher.
  • Filter in Servlet & get parameters from URL.
  • Exception Handling in servlet.
  • Cookies Handling.
  • Session in Servlet.
  • Input-Output Stream in Servlet.
  • Pagination in Servlet.
  • Servlet Annotation.
  • Database connectivity in Servlet.
  • File Uploading & Downloading in Servlet.
  • Example: Registration & Login in Servlet | Login & Logout Example.

Java Server Page(JSP)

  • Introduction to JSP & Environment Set up(Same as Servlet)
  • JSP Life cycle
  • JSP Tags- Scriptlet | Declaration | Expression tags
  • JSP Implicit Objects
  • JSP Directives
  • JSP Action Tags | JSP Expression Language
  • JSP Excepion Handling
  • JSTL
  • JSP Custom Tags
  • JSP Client Request & Server Response
  • Filter in JSP
  • Cookies & Session in JSP
  • CRUD Operation in JSP & Servlet

Database Connection in Java

  • Introduction to JDBC
  • JDBC Driver
  • Steps to connect with Database
  • Example for connecting with Database
  • Store Images & retrieve Images from the database

What is a Model View Controller(MVC)

  • Explanation of MVC Pattern with Example

How to Manage Dependencies(Maven)

  • Maven Introduction
  • Repository in Maven
  • pom.xml
  • Example of creating a simple web application using Maven

Deploy application on localhost

  • Tomcat Introduction | Why Tomcat
  • How to download and Install Tomcat Apache

Mock Interview 2

Let’s move on to Java frameworks(Hibernate, Spring)

Say Hello to Hibernate

  • Hibernate Introduction | Environment Set up
  • The configuration file in Hibernate & Hibernate Sessions
  • Mapping File in Hibernate
  • Persistent Class in Hibernate
  • Collection & Association Mapping
  • Simple Example without using Annotation & Simple Example with Annotation
  • HQL | HCQL | Named Query
  • Hibernate Caching
  • CRUD application using Hibernate

Spring & Spring MVC

  • Introduction to Spring | Environment Set up of STS
  • Dependency Injection and inversion of Control
  • Autowire Introduction & Qualifier Annotation
  • Spring Bean with Example and Constructor Injection
  • Simple Spring Project
  • Spring MVC Steps -> Forms creation, Request parameter & Model
  • ModelAndView and Data in Spring MVC
  • Create a form and use all Form Elements in Spring MVC
  • Add External resources to Spring
  • Form Validations in Spring
  • Database connectivity in Spring
  • Exception Handling in Spring

Spring Boot

  • Introduction & Environment Set up
  • What does Spring Boot do and why?
  • Spring Boot AOP
  • Example using Spring Boot
  • Create a Restful web app in Spring Boot
  • Create Restful microservice using Spring Boot
  • Database connectivity using Spring Boot
  • Introduction to Microservice with Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot Dev Tools

*****************Web Services****************

Rest API

  • Introduction to Rest API
  • Resource-based URIs
  • Rest Response
  • Status Code
  • “HATEEOAS(Hypermedia as the Engine of
  • Application State)”
  • Richardson Maturity Model
  • JAX-RS and implementation
  • Setting Up Rest API
  • Create the First API | Handle Post Request |
  • Resource-based URIs for CRUD methods | Path Params
  • Rest API -Database connectivity with Hibernate
  • Understand JAX- RS -Subresource | Many to one mapping | Filter | Pagination |
  • Header Param & Cookie Param | Sending Status Code
  • Exception Handling with JSON
  • Exception Mapper
  • Message Body Reader & Writer | Implement it
  • Resource Types: Param with resource types | Param converters | Param converter Ex
  • Build Client using Rest API | Steps |
  • URL Building
  • POST request
  • Response & Wrapper class
  • PUT & DELETE Operation


  • Introduction to Postman
  • Environment Set up for Postman | Understand the GUI
  • Create API Request
  • Collection in Postman | Run it using Newman
  • Variables in Postman
  • Envrionments in Postman
  • Create Scripts in Postman
  • Workspaces in Postman
  • Data-Driven Testing in Postman
  • Request and Response in Postman
  • API Authorization in Postman

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Java Placement Training Program Conducted by enough experienced developers who continue working on the latest technology as a developer. The training program will start from the basics. It means even if you are a non-technical person you can join this training program.

There will be live Zoom classes and practice sessions over Zoom. there is no time limit to finish it until you will not get the confidence to crack the technical interview. The cost will be 75,000 INR for the complete course.