NGO Management Project in Java with source code and project report

Another project in Java with source code and project report. NGO Management is a web application that is using JSP, Servlet, and MYSQL to manage the backend of the application. NGO Management Project is using MVC architecture and maven tool to manage the dependencies.

The main aim of NGO Management is to manage the activity of an NGO organization. The application will help to manage the NGO members, Donors, and NGO campaigns. The whole idea behind the application is to manage the Campaigns and transections details of the donors or Fundraiser.


Overview of NGO Management

“NGO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is a web-based application developed for managing various activities in the NGO. This particular project deals with taking donations and arranging fundraising events so that people could donate effectively and easily. A non-profit organization that operates independently of any government, typically one whose purpose is to address a social or political issue.

Mainly there are three roles in the application 1) Admin 2) End User(Donor or Fundraiser) 3) Organization(Manager). Let’s understand the detail working about all the users and modules inside the application.

There are 3 actors of this web-based application who are going to interact directly with this website, they are Admin, Volunteer, Donor. They can log in and perform operations.

  •  The signup option is available only for students.
  •  All three actors can sign in.
  •  For all three actors, the forgot password option is available and they can also change their password by logging in and can view their profiles.

The functionality of each of them, after logging in to the system are as follows:


  • Admin can add/delete/edit volunteer details, donor details.
  • Admin can view users list (volunteer, donor).
  • Admin can view the application of volunteers in the application list.
  • Admin can view the details of transactions in the transaction list.
  • Admin can add/delete/edit fundraiser in the fundraiser list.
  • Admin can view the fundraiser list.


  • Volunteers can view the fundraiser list.
  • Volunteers can get details about the purpose or description of the fundraising event.
  • Volunteers can view the application.
  • Volunteers can view the feedback list which is filled by the donor.


Donors can make online donations.
Donors can donate money as well can donate things.
Donors can fill the feedback form (Questions like what kind of suggestion he/she want to give for improvement of NGO).

Software Requirements:

Developer side:

  • Design tool: Spring Tool Suite(STS)3.9.12.
  • Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Bootstrap.
  • Back end: MYSQL, JDK 1.8 or above.
  • Operating system: Microsoft windows 8onwards.
  • Web Browser: Firefox, chrome.


  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8onwards.
  • Web Browser: Firefox, chrome etc.


  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8onwards.
  • Web Server: Apache Tomcat8.5.
  • JSP 2.3.
  • Java 7 or above.
  • HardwareRequirements:

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Component, Sequense, DFD, UseCase and DFD Diagram for NGO Management