Online Movie Ticket booking Project using ReactJS, NodeJs, ExpressJS and MongoDb

Full Stack MERN application with source code. Online Movie Ticket booking project using ReactJs, NodeJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB. This Web application is using VSCode as an editor, Postmen to view and manage the API’s.

Online Movie Ticket booking Project in ReactJS

Online movie ticket booking app is using ReactJs to manage the front end components, ExpressJS to manage the serverside request and response. It using MongoDB as a database to manage the backend resources and files.

Used Tools & Technologies:

Project Title: Online Movie ticket booking APP
Technologies: ReactJs, ExpressJS, NodeJS.
Back-end: MongoDB and Postmen.

Roles and Functionalities

 Let’s understand the user roles and Modules and functionalities of the Online movie ticket booking app.

Mainly there are two Roles of application 1) User/Customer 2) Admin. Let’s see the role and responsibility in detail as per the role.


  •  Admin is the root user of the application. Admin will manage all the customers and listed movies like Movie booking,  and User details.
  • Admin Can Add/Delete/Update movie list.
  • Admin Can Add/Delete/Update User/Customers list.
  • Admin can check the Movie booking status and history of the user.
  • Admin can check the payment details for each and every user.


  • Customers are the front end-user of the application. So customers can view all the listed movies and book tickets for interesting movies.
  • Users can register and login to the application and check the booking history after login.
  • Users can make online payments and book any movie according to dates.

Online Movie ticket booking App Demo


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