Online shopping project in PHP and MYSQL with source code and project report

A Complete Minor or Major project for your academics with source code and project report that contains all the UML diagrams. Online shopping project in PHP with MYSQL and deployed on XAMPP(Tomcat) server.

 Online shopping project in PHP

We will send the complete source code, Database and project report and our team will help you to configure and run the project at your machine remotely. Or If you want to learn step by step project development from scratch please contact me on the below details.

Overview of Online shopping project in PHP

It’s an E-Commerce web application that covers all the common functionality of a shopping web application. That is must required to sell any product online Let’s see some key points.

  •  Admin will the root user of the project who will be responsible to manage all the activity of Shopkeeper and Users or customers. 
  •  Users can view the product and perform search and filter data according to the categories or needs.
  •  The shopkeepers will be responsible to manage all the users of his shop or product. A shopkeeper can manage the products or stocks.

 There will be 3 main actors of the application 1) Admin 2) Shopkeeper 3) User.


 Admin can ADD/Delete/Edit shopkeeper in the system.

Admin can ADD/Edit/Delete any user in the system.

Admin can manage the products according to the shops.

Admin can check the booking history and all the bookings in the processing.

 Shopkeeper or product owner

 Shopkeepers can log in and register in the application with a new account.

A shopkeeper can Upload new products for his customer or sell.

The shopkeeper can check the booking details and manage all the booking products.

A shopkeeper can manage all his customers.

 User or Customer

Customers can open the application on any browser.

Users can view the product and book them according to their interests.

Its using search and more and more feature to help user to filter data according to their need.

 Online shopping project in PHP Demo


 Technologies used in Online shopping project In PHP.

 As we discuss above its a pure PHP and MySQL project lets see used technologies in detail that will help you to understand the software and hardware need to configure or run this project.

The project is running on the XAMPP server and its using MYSQL to manage the back end or user records.

The view part is wholly designed in HTML and CSS using JS for validation purposes.

The controller part is using PHP to manage the request and response. So the main technologies are PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, MYSQL, and Tomcat over the XAMPP.

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 Note: If you need the source code you can contact. We will provide complete source code and all the required things like Database. We have create STEP by STEP configuration tutorial to help you in the configuration process.


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