Online Sports shop project in java with source code and project report

Online sports shop or Online sports store project in Java with source code and project report. Another Java project with source code and project report. Minor or Major project in java for college students.

Online Sports shop project in java

Online sports shop project in Java using JSP, Servlet, MYSQL, and Eclipse. This is a minor or major project for the student of Computer science, BCA and MCA students with Source code, Database, Project report, and the configuration with remote support.

Project Overview

Online Sports store is an e-commerce based web application. where the user can view the product related to sports and can buy the product online. Admin or shop owners can add the product according to the product category or product type.

This project contains all the common features of a web application like CRUD operation ADD product, Delete product, Edit, and Update Product, Dummy payment page, Cart option to view the project, or select product.

An online sports shop is using JSP, HTML, and CSS to manage the view part or User part of the application also It’s using servlets to manage the server-side request and response and MySQL to manage the backend.

Modules in Online Sport shop

  • Login/Registration

    • Admin, Shopowner, and Customer can log in and register in the application. The user has to register with some common details like contact number, email id, and password.
    • After registration user can log in in the application and can check the booking history or placed orders and can add the product in the cart.
    • The shopkeeper can log in to the application and can add the product or goods according to the categories.
    • Admin can manage the shopkeeper and the end-users and the products. Admin can add the new product also can delete update the records.
  • Product

    • The product is the key part of the application. Admin and shopkeeper can ADD/EDIT/DELETE the product.
    • Users can explore the products according to the requirement also users can filter data according to the requirement.
    • Users can search for the product.
    • Users can filter products according to the categories or according to the type of products.
  • Payment

    • Users can buy the product online also can process the payment online. Science is an academic project so we are using a dummy payment page designed using JSP and servlet. It’s not a real-time payment gateway.
  • Cart

    • This is something like shopping beg or shopping trolly. where the user can add the product as per the interest and pay for them in a single transaction.
    • Users can add or remove products in the shopping cart also users can view the added product from the cart and the user can check the discounts and price according to each product and sum of the price of all the products that are added in the bag.
  • AboutUs and ContactUS

    • Contact us and the AboutUs are the static pages where users can contact admin and also users can check the about the organization ETC.

Tool and Technologies

The Online sports shop is a web application in Java. It’s using JSP, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS, Servlet, JDBC, MYSQL, Eclipse or STS tool, or Netbeans, and the tomcat server.

  • It’s using HTML and CSS to manage the front end.
  • Servlet to manage the server-side request and response.
  • MYSQL with the workbench to manage the backend/Database.
  • Tomcat Server to deploy the application.
  • STS or Eclipse or Netbeans as an IDE to write and run the source code.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware requirements

  • 2 GB of RAM with 20GB HDD.

Software requirements

  •  OS platform which supports JDK(Java) Like windows, mac, or Linux.
  • JDK 1.8
  • Eclipse/STS/Netbeans.
  • MYSQL v5.6 or above.
  • Tomcat 8.5 or above.

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